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  1. Civies

    Need to desperately break away from neutrals..

    So I went to depot all my shadows today and I noticed that all my eyeshadows are pretty neutral other than aquavert which I've never even worn before . The furthest I'll go is sumptuous olive . I do have pigments in violet and pink pearl but I never wear those either! I just started collecting...
  2. Civies

    Breaking out from Studio Fix Fluid

    So I just got SFF (my first real foundation!) about two weeks ago, and I LOVE the coverage. It makes my skin look flawless and covers my God-awful huge pores on my nose, however once I started using it I started breaking out on my T-zone. I've read lots about people breaking out from this...
  3. Civies

    Putting MAC in the fridge ?

    So my AC broke in the middle of summer ...... BOOHOO ! And I noticed that my CCB was kind of melting .. it's getting liquidy and gross . I was being all upset over the phone with my boyfriend and he casually says "Why don't you put it in the fridge?" It makes sense to be able to put it in the...
  4. Civies

    Exclusive Beauty Deals

    Anyone know if this site is legit ? ExclusiveBeautyDealscom I don't understand how people can sell MAC (if they're legit) for so cheap .. TIA .
  5. Civies

    F&F Sale - Beginner MAC addict

    Okay so I'm a MAC newbie .. literally. I just started getting into it a few weeks ago, and I don't really have much $ to spend since I'm still in high school with a part time job (That's right, best years of your life) ! I'm looking to spend around $150 CAD. For this upcoming sumo sale, I really...
  6. Civies


    Heyy guys, I'm looking to do some pigment sample and eyeshadow purchasing and I came across Vina, MAC Authentic products . I'm just wondering if anyone has purchased from her, and are her items authentic ? She sells a lot of 4 eyeshadows with a quad for $45 CAD. The reason why I wanna try her...
  7. Civies

    Teeny tiny haul; first MAC eyeshadow !

    I feel like a huge dork right now ! I just started getting into MAC (Thanks to all you Specktra ladies, I can predict my savings just crumbling!), and of course I was at the mall and there's a MAC counter there so I decide to drop by. I had my heart set on the Style Warrior collection but it...
  8. Civies

    I admit, I'm a lurker

    So I've been lurking around Specktra for a while now and I finally decided to join the community Everyone seems really nice here . So a little about myself; my name is Erica and I'm still in high school (not that I look it ). I've been wearing makeup (mascara and eyeliner basically) for a...