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  1. fairytale22

    super girly pink and purple

    eyes: mac violet, fuschia, budding beauty, sunplosion, apricot pink, perky ud 24/7 bourbon lips: mac 40s pink, damzel cheeks: mac peachykeen be glee
  2. fairytale22

    FOTD: pastel green/orange

    I never do pastel-y colors like this so it feels weird! eyes: mac perky paintpot mac lily white pigment mac golder's green (which looks super pale frosty on me) mac sunplosion mac shade fluidline lancome virtuose cheeks: mac peachtwist lips: mac slimshine funshine (LOVEEE slimshines <3)...
  3. fairytale22

    Odd combo FOTD: Melon and Steel Blue

    eyes: ud 24/7 in lucky melon and steel blue pigments black liner/mascara cheeks: nars torrid/luster lips: mac hug me guerlain baby beige/vl dolce
  4. fairytale22

    2 FOTDs. light pink, bright pink. :)

    This one is from graduation! Yay for being done w/ high school! I don't remember exactly what I used but if you have a question about a specific part I'll try my best to guess. And another pink one, this time w/ more bronze... eyes: mac apricot pink as a wash, sushi flower inside, expensive...
  5. fairytale22

    sick of matching: FOTD w/ warm eyes, cool lips

    eyes: mac expensive pink mac amber lights mac tempting ud ydk ud 24/7 rockstar black mascara lips: mac scanty mac ample pink mac damzel cheeks: nars torrid
  6. fairytale22

    FOTD: silvery purple :)

    eyes: mac '07 holiday palette (the smokey one), stars n rockets, violet pigment ud rockstar liner black mascara cheeks: be glee meow cosmetics flicker lips: lancome trendy mauve mac all woman lipglass
  7. fairytale22

    FOTD: bringing out the blues

    i'm out of practice w/ taking these pics haha-i know i look kinda greasy but it's just the flash, and pls ignore the fat arm that somehow made it into the shots lol --oh and notice how i actually did my brows this time...they look really dark to me compared to normal! face: mad minerals fdtn...
  8. fairytale22

    pretty in PURPLE. :)

    eyes: mac taupographic mac violet pigment mac pinked mauve mac rich purple black liner/mascara lips(peach): mac jubilee revlon nude lustre lips(red) revlon rum raisin revlon glossy rose face: mad minerals medium/tan olive benefit dallas mac sculpt/accentuate
  9. fairytale22

    FOTN: i never get sick of the smokey eye...

    i think this is probably the smokiest eye i've ever done! eyes: mac sharkskin shadestick mac smoked eyes palette holiday 07 lancome virtuose mac blacktrack mac blunt for brows lips: mac scanty nars turkish delight mac damzel cheeks: mac peachykeen face: madminerals olive/med-tan
  10. fairytale22

    FOTD: grey and stormy like outside

    eyes: theshespace pigments in root of evil and convicted black liner and mascara mac softwash grey lips: mac siss mac damzel face: mineral fdtn benefit dallas
  11. fairytale22

    FOTD: smoke + pink

    eyes: mac smoked palette lips: mac scanty vl dolce
  12. fairytale22

    FOTD: busting out the hot pink...

    after liner... after more shadow... lips mac immodest eyes mac lily white+expensive pink+smoked eyes palette cheeks nars lovejoy
  13. fairytale22

    FOTD: wishing summer was back--bronzey and pink. :)

    eyes: mac lily white, apricot pink, copper sparkle mac orpheus mufe black liner/lancome mascara random bronzer cheeks: benefit hoola meow flicker lips: cargo plantlove lindsay mac wonderstruck AND!!! good news of the day--i scored a 2370 on my SAT! WOOT!!! i'm off to plot a sephora order now
  14. fairytale22

    a MOD look...featuring 40s pink! :)

    This was actually kinda scary looking to me at first but here goes... eyes: mac fascinating eye kohl mac chill e/s stila kajal in onyx and ud liquid liner in soot lancome virtuose mac brownborder lips: mac 40s pink mac phosphorelle
  15. fairytale22

    rose and rose earrings...

    and the earrings! eyes: mac rose pigment mac budding beauty mac orpheus rimmel lycra lash lips: stila cc in a color i don't remember stila daisy ls mac instant gold lustreglass cheeks: benefit hoola meow cosmetics flicker blush
  16. fairytale22

    a shot of turquoise...

    eyes: mac lily white taylormademinerals eleanor mac steel blue mac black tied stila kajal in onyx lips: mac siss mac elegant peach cheeks: nars torrid benefit hoola mac lightscapade
  17. fairytale22

    sunday night red lips :)

    eyes: too faced liquid light mac pearl ccb stila cedar grove trio mac bark cineora mascara cheeks: lumiere foundation be hint of truth blush lips: lancome bordeaux mac instant gold ps. srry abt my skin, it has def seen better days lol
  18. fairytale22

    pink and silver!

    eyes: nars ashes to ashes mac silver fog mac budding beauty mac fuschia cheeks: lorac soul stila bronzer lips: mac real doll mac all woman
  19. fairytale22

    FOTD: cool neutral/smokey

    eyes: mac smoked palette cheeks: mineral fdtn mix of meow/aubrey nicole/signature lorac soul blush stila bronzer lips: milani satin rose guerlain envie de beige guerlain baby beige laque revlon glossy rose PS! I still have slightly chubby cheeks from my wisdom teeth getting pulled out and...
  20. fairytale22

    FOTD 6/3/07 Blue/Orange!

    eyes: be azreal blue mac aquadisiac mac pompous blue mac sunplosion mac brownborder stila onyx kajal lips: mac hug me mac elegant peach face: lauress warm gold fdtn nars torrid benefit hoola