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  1. Trashionista

    Update Before Basic Dilemma

    Hello beautiful darlings, As most of you know, I recently got hired at MAC and Monday the 9th is going to be the big first day! Anywho, I literally JUST got back from spending the past week at my Mother's house for 4th of July and I found out that my first day will be spent at...
  2. Trashionista

    Ghetto for Tsubi?

    Will I ever be able to find it or should I just give up all hope?
  3. Trashionista

    I feel so stupid

    Hi Everyone, I have no-one else to talk to who will understand this kind of stuff, so I figured I'd vent to all of you. Sooo...after applying, interviewing with my areas recruiter, having a 2nd interview with the regional manager and doing a demo for the trainer, everything had went perfectly...
  4. Trashionista

    Hey, All You Sexy Babes!!! (Washington DC Here)

    Well, this is not actually a message FROM the District of Columbia, but that IS where I work & live (kinda). Sorry to dissappoint you...har har. ANYWAY, Hello everyone! My name is Stella and I have been a MUA for many, many years -- I wont say how many, for fear of sounding old I'm also a...