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  1. candaces

    Vaca haul!

    I LOVE getting to go to a CCO so I always go overboard, but that's okay from the CCO: 6 eye shadows- dream maker, magnetic fields, pincurl, bold and brazen, lotusland, top hat paint pot in greenstroke lipstick in fleshpot lipglass in underage 116 and 252 brushes small fafi bag tendertone in...
  2. candaces

    first haul post :) but certainly not the first haul!

    my mom recently went to a CCO for me when she was out of town and this is what i got... pigments in melon and your ladyship dazzleglass in baby sparks dame edna lipglass in possum nose pink fafi blush in hipness neo sci fi eyeshadow in femme fi brushed metal x eyeshadow in material gold i also...
  3. candaces


    Hey I'm new! I've always been an avid lurker, but now i'm finally a member!