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  1. emeraldjewels

    MAC's 222 Brush!

    I think this brush needs a bit more love, lol! I got this recently with the 224, I already had the 217, but imo the 222 is way better than both of these. The 222 is so soft, it blends edges so easily, its the perfect size for adding a touch of colour the outer v, it fits into my crease much...
  2. emeraldjewels

    Charlotte's Washington DC Haul - Very Pic Heavy =)

    I came back from DC on wednesday, but have only just got round to taking photos of my haul. I saved for this trip for a year and took advantage of the good dollar rate I can't name everything as it would take forever, but ask me anything you like! MAC Haul Browns Blues, Greens and...
  3. emeraldjewels

    Washington DC Meet - 5th or 6th November

    Hi everyone! I'm on holiday for a couple of days on my own in DC, 5th and 6th November before I meet my family who live in NY. Does anyone want to meet for any shopping in MAC or lunch/dinner? TIA Charlotte xx
  4. emeraldjewels

    Which MAC foundations are water based??

    I have been reading this book, all about make up application, beauty tips etc... It says for oily skin you should use a water based foundation. So does any one know which MAC ones are water based?? TIA
  5. emeraldjewels

    Pretty Aqua and Smokey Black Tutorial

    Hi Everyone, I decided to enter this months competition. I posted this as a FOTD, so here is the tutorial. YouTube - Pretty Aqua and Smokey Black Makeup Tutorial Here are some pictures! Thanks for watching, I'm new to tutorials so any CC is welcome
  6. emeraldjewels

    Up in the Cloudburst with my Mood Ring

    I did this look yesterday and I loved it, I hope y'all like it. Thanks for looking! Products Used: All MAC unless noted Studio Fix Fluid NW20 Mineralise Duo - Medium natural and shimmer Invisible Setting Powder Beige-ing Shadestick Heatherette Trio No.1 Bankroll...
  7. emeraldjewels

    'Wicked' Look - Elphaba

    Hey guys, I'm going to be Elphaba this halloween, I just placed a pro order and got Landscape Green Chromacake 3D Glitters - Silver Liquid Eyeliner - Boot Black I'm after any recommendations to help me use these products and anything else that will help me with my face makeup...
  8. emeraldjewels

    I need lip liners for these lipsticks!

    Hi y'all, I would like to get a couple of lip liners that would best match the lipsticks that I have, Here's my list: -Freckletone -Viva Glam V -Bombshell -Lightly Ripe -Pure Rose -Fabby I have also ordered the 2 Manish lipsticks Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
  9. emeraldjewels

    Ungaro, Manish and SA up on the website!

    Just a warning to the wallets! all three collections are up there if you click on eyeshadows!
  10. emeraldjewels

    What A Difference Eyeliner Makes!

    So today I got up late and was rushing to quickly throw on my makeup. I decided to do a really neutral look and skip eyeliner. Then I got to work and went to the bathroom, when washing my hands I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. OMG .... my eyes look so small and blahhhh! Never again...
  11. emeraldjewels

    Halloween Party Ideas

    Hi everyone, So i'm throwing a halloween party this year, it will be the first time a lot of friends will see my apartment. So I want it to be fantastic. I bought a ton of decorations today and i'm planning on having apple bobbing, a kind of treasure hunt, a pumpkin pinata, and the usual party...
  12. emeraldjewels

    A Shade of Antique Green

    Today I decided to try out my new Overrich pigments, for a fresh green look! Products Used (all mac unless noted): EYES Bare Study Paint Pot Fresh Green Mix Eyeshadow Antiqued Green Pigment Blondes Gold Pigment Shade Fluidline Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara FACE Mineralize...
  13. emeraldjewels

    Benefit Brushes - Are they any good?

    I have just ordered this set of brushes on sale? betty brushes up on beauty : Benefit Cosmetics I also used the HELLOYOU code as it was my first online order and saved another 10%. So are they any good? I've not used a benefit brush before.
  14. emeraldjewels

    I 'Heart' Purples

    Another face of the day from me. I decided to a Violet/Purple Look. Thanks for looking! Products Used: FACE Studio Fix Fluid NW20 Studio Finish Concealer NW20 New View Mineralized Duo in Medium/Natural and Shimmer Blot Powder Pressed - Medium X-Rocks Blush EYES...
  15. emeraldjewels

    Its a Naked Grey day today!

    This is my first FOTD so hopefully you'll all like it. Its a kind of neutral/grey look. So Products Used: FACE Studio Fix Fluid NW20 Studio Finish Concealer NW20 New View Mineralized Duo in Medium/Natural and Shimmer Blooming Blush EYES UDPP Bare Study Paint Pot Naked Pigment...
  16. emeraldjewels

    Alien - Thierry Mugler

    Last year my mom and I came to NY for a shopping trip, we went into bloomingdales and on the way in we got sprayed with this. On first smell, I thought this isn't me, but after about 5 hours of walking round the store, having our make up done etc.. Just before we go to leave I smelt it again and...
  17. emeraldjewels

    What's the difference - Matte/Matte2?

    I did a search but couldn't find anything about it. Whats the difference between Matte eyeshadows and Matte2 eyeshadows? Thanks In Advance
  18. emeraldjewels

    Where did you go or want to go on your Honeymoon?

    I am not getting married or anything but my co-worker and I were discussing where we want to go on our honeymoon. I want to go to Bora Bora, Tahiti and stay in an overwater bungalow at this hotel. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort So, Where did you go? or join fantasy land with me, Where would you...
  19. emeraldjewels

    Today's Huge Haul - Oopsie!

    Hi guys, so the new collections came out in the UK today, so I went to my MAC store to check them out. Of course, I couldn't leave without buying something, or everything . So here's what I got. Shadowy Lady, Tempting and Spiced Chocolate Quads Blooming, Lightly Ripe, Cult of Cherry...
  20. emeraldjewels

    Pallet Prices

    The pricing section at the top has old prices I think, Could someone help me with with the US$ prices for the 15 pan pallet, 6 pan blush pallet and a 4 pan quad? Also how much is an e/s pan for the pallets? Thanks In Advance Charlotte xx