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  1. RetroPinup

    Besides MAC, What 3 Cosmetic Companies would you work for?

    Besides MAC, what are your top 3 cosmetic companies that you would work for? Mine would be : Chanel Nars Shu (Makeup Forever- but only at Sephora here)
  2. RetroPinup

    Best Blowdryer?

    Hi all! SO I finally went from all one length hair to long layers. I love how the blow dry bouncy hair looks. What is the best blowdryer. Thanks!
  3. RetroPinup

    N collection gratis?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has the page from update for the N Collection? It wasn't in the winter update book, so I hope it is in the one for spring update. Our update isn't until the end of month. I just need to see what look 1 and look 2 are so I can separate the gratis. Thanks!
  4. RetroPinup

    New here and I work at MAC

    Hey everyone! This is such a fun site! Just wanted to say hi. I love MAC. I started working for them at the end of Oct. I haven't been to basic yet I have worked for 4 other cosmetic company's and freelanced for MAC and Bobbi before I got hired. I hope I can help you with any questions...