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  1. BlueRose

    Givenchy Matissime

    Hi ladies, some powder foundation we can use them wet if we want like Guerlain and I bought Givenchy Matissime powder foundation and they told me that I can use it wet/dry but its not written that I can use it wet this is what it says: apply on face and neck with a dry sponge for natural...
  2. BlueRose

    Studio Finish Concealer

    Hi girls I want to get the Studio finish spf 35 concealer but I dont know what is perfect for face is pale and yellow lol don't know how to explain but I'm always look like a sick person..anyway can someone tell me what is the different between the NW15 and NC15 ..I dont want...
  3. BlueRose

    Can't see smilies,images :'(

    Hi guys I have this problem as you can see. All the images the smilies not showing, all with red x I can't browse the forum in this way >_< I deleted cookies yesterday and after that i faced this problem with Specktra and another forum too! I dont know if this problem be-coz of the cookies...
  4. BlueRose

    CD to computer

    okay this is maybe a stupid question but I need your help guys. how can I copy a track or a song from a CD to the computer? I remember one time I copied a song, but now I cant any help please
  5. BlueRose

    Birthday music

    Guys help me, I'm looking for happy birthday music /piano (midi, mp3 file) free and must be a small file. I search through the net but with no luck if anyone knows please help me, Thanks
  6. BlueRose


    I hope its the right place to post I'm thinking of using GOSMILE B1 Tooth Whitener but I'm afraid of the side effects. you know some of or most of all the whitings make the teeth sensitive I mean you feel pain whenever you drink cold or hot drinks. that what happend to me when I used a whiting...
  7. BlueRose

    L'Oreal Lash Architect

    Hi ladies I did a search here but didnt find anything or any reviews. what do you think of L'Oreal Lash Architect Waterproof false lash effect mascara ?anyone tried it or know about it? Thanks
  8. BlueRose


    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is shu uemura at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham? umm and is it so cold over there?? Thanks in advance
  9. BlueRose

    Chanel lip color?

    Hope its the right place to post I need your help guys please, I'm trying to find out what's the model wearing on her lips, I did a search on the net but couldnt find anything what I know is that its from Chanel spring08 collection please if anyone read somewhere else or know what she is...
  10. BlueRose

    Eye makeup and Eye redness

    Dont know where to post this, feel free to move it if its not the right place okay my eyes got those small red lines or whatever they call it in the white portion of the eye, and when I apply eyeshadows or even khol on the waterline the irritation get worse and my eye look really bad with...
  11. BlueRose

    Loose powder under eyes

    I'm searching for loose powder to use it under my eyes before applying eyeshdow,I've never used one so this is my first time, but I want it to be matt without any shimmer I mean I dont want it to be shiny or give me that glow look in the area under eyes, just a matte one and give me brightness...
  12. BlueRose

    Rocking Chick and Fab

    Hello ladies, I need recommendations in similiar colors to Rocking Chick l/s and Fab blush any suggestions from MAC or other brands! thanks in advance
  13. BlueRose

    Necktie styles

    Hi ladies do anyone know websites that show different knots and styles for a neck tie I mean not the original or the standard knot .. I searched and found some but not that helpful. I don't have lots of info about necktie but is there new and modern tie knots? I've seen in TV like the guys in...