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  1. velvet

    Milani taken out of my target!!!

    has this happened to anyone else?? im sad it was replaced with some stuff ive never heard of that looks over priced
  2. velvet

    omg i spent too much this month haul

    today i just ordered.... sea dip nailpolish valentine's lipgelee poppy summer bag like less than two weeks ago... -y lipstick -kei lipglass -y & kei look box not to mention what i have bought from people on specktra! omg! im going to have so much fun with it though
  3. velvet

    My Mac only..

    mac is still the majority of the make up i have my collection is small. but i love it lippies- tinted lip conditioners ---miss bunny, trot on lipgelees--- mini jelly babe x2, whos that lady, sapilicous,jellicous,valentine's, lu-be-lu, gem shine lipsticks-- indie girl, entwined, lure...
  4. velvet

    oily hair, flakey scalp.. HELP

    i have to wash every other day because my hair gets soo oily i have tried many different kinds of shampoo but my scalp flakeys(even with anti dandruf stuff)... its soo gross. i have very long hair, but i only shampoo my scalp and always condition my hair (but not on the scalp) any help...