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  1. CrimsonCountess

    Fluidlines: New Weed, Sweet Sage and others

    Top to bottom; left to right New Weed Sweet Sage Blacktrack Lithograph Blitz & Glitz CLICK PIC
  2. CrimsonCountess

    Amuse haul - I've waited weeks for this :thumbsup:

    Clickable pic added Fluidline: Lithograph Mineralize e/s duo: Heat Element Bright Side Gallery Gal Illusionary Burning Ambition Mineralize Skin Finish: Shimpagne Porcelain Pink Shooting Star Postcard: Amuse I'll add pics tonight. I wanted New Weed Fluidline too but the mothers at Nord...
  3. CrimsonCountess

    Dipdown, Delineate and Graphic Brown

    Clickable pic A few of you wanted to see a larger image comparing these fluidliners. HTH
  4. CrimsonCountess

    Fluidline Swatches - all I own as of 071606

    Included are clickable thumbnails of my fluidline collection. I will certainly be adding Lithograph once it is available later this week. What an addict I am :-) All Fluidlines (Top to Bottom, Left to Right) Blue Peep, Sweet Sage, Delphic, Haunting, Blacktrack, Royal Wink, Blitz & Glitz...