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  1. SquirrelQueen

    Origins at TARGET?!?

    Was just in Target in Fargo, ND and saw a couple of Origins products. HUH?!? They looked a little worse for the wear---the label on one of the products looked like it had been partially peeled off then stuck back on. Didn't buy. I like Target but not sure I trust buying Origins from there.
  2. SquirrelQueen

    Lightful Softening Lotion has the ToD?!?

    What's up with that? It's a new product and they can't discontinue it yet. I like it too much for them to discontinue it.
  3. SquirrelQueen

    Wrinkles and Acne: Renova vs. RAM (or both?)

    Going to see my doctor this week to finetune my skincare. Have used retinoids for about sixteen years now. Surprisingly, not using them for anti-aging but for treatment of adult acne. It's been okay---I occasionally break out, mostly in the T-zone and along the hairline---but I wonder if I...
  4. SquirrelQueen

    Changing/enhancing lipstick colors w/lipmix and lip erase?

    Organized my stash the other day and unearthed some lipsticks that I haven't used in a long, long time. When I tried them on, I could understand why! Some are waaaaaay too light---Snob, for example. Others are waaaaaay too dark---like Amorous and Odyssey. Yes, I know I could swap them but...
  5. SquirrelQueen

    Recs needed: best MAC blushes to pair w/Lust?

    Was going though my stash today, deciding what to save or B2M. Came across Lust, which had never really been a favorite, tried it and I'm in LOVE! I'm NW15-20, and my other blushes are all very cool pinks like Coygirl, Dame and Don't Be Shy. I'm thinking Mocha or Cubic. Thoughts? Also, can...
  6. SquirrelQueen

    How to apply mascara so it won't smear?

    Please help! I'm tired of looking like a raccoon! No matter what mascara I use, they all seem to smear! I've used MAC ZoomLash, Mascara X, Plushlash and Pro LongLash. I've also used DiorShow and Neutrogena Healthy Volume. Some mascaras smear right away (DiorShow and Plushlash) while...
  7. SquirrelQueen

    CCO virgin---what should I expect?

    Going to the CCO in Albertville, MN, this week--it's my first time and I don't know what to expect when I go. What should I look for? Basics? Discontinued items? Current limited editions? TIA!