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  1. .VivaDiva.

    been offered bunch of mac for vegas, deckchair etc. - help me choose girls.

    Ok so this lady who works at my husbands job has a friend who works for MAC in the corporate dept. Anyway she has a load of MAC stuff the she doesn't use so she brought them in to work to show my hubby and said that I should choose what I want (only thing is I can't have it ALLLL lol) So here is...
  2. .VivaDiva.

    Pret-a-Porter now online.

    Just wanted to let ya'll know that the PaP collection is being sold online... I ordered mine today Btw for any of you who want the set I would order it ASAP! the CS operator told me that the qty is small she told me the exact amount but I can't remember anyhoo I know that there wasn't much...
  3. .VivaDiva.

    London Chick moved to NYC ~ newbie

    Hi guys and gals! Just wanted to say a quick hi and introduce myself. I've been lurking the site for a few days now and i'm addicted!!! So many wonderful and talented ppl on this site, i wish that i had found it earlier. I moved to the US from London, England last year and i am hoping to work...