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  1. sbetsy

    Whiten my teeth!

    Teeth whiteners - I have never tried one but I want to. I need something that I can buy tomorrow and have it work reasonably well by next weekend (going to a wedding). Help?
  2. sbetsy

    Besame cosmetics: Call me a traitor if you want but this stuff looks beautiful!

    Has anyone tried this line? I think it is gorgeous and I'd love to know if the e/s is as pigmented as the website claims. They have a limited selection, but I've got to try one of these lipsticks:
  3. sbetsy

    Trying to plot my LE purchases

    Is Transplant l/g LE? It doesn't have the triangle of doom on the website.
  4. sbetsy

    I need a MAC hug.

    I just posted this on LJ, so my apologies if you already saw it there: I need a MAC hug. I had a little depotting party for myself and took the empties to MAC today with my friend. When I got there, the MA said, "you're not back to buy more, are you?" a bit incredulously. I kinda was - I was...
  5. sbetsy

    Culturebloom e/s, specifically botanical

    I bought the other 5 and really like them. These colors are great on my (N5/NW25), redheaded, freckled self. I need botanical? I own satin taupe, flirty number... how does botanical compare to other shadows?
  6. sbetsy

    Culturebloom appt. FOTD

    My Culturebloom appointment was today and here it is: Using: Face: Tender glow studio lights as concealer Studio Fix N5 One of the cream blushes. Dunno which one. I don't like the texture of cream blushes. Orange Twink glimmer shimmer Eyes: Tender glow...
  7. sbetsy

    new sticky?

    It'd be nice if we started a sticky with the sephora deluxe sample bag codes. I think they come out fairly frequently but I can't figure out how to find out about them.
  8. sbetsy

    Brush storage

    I need to keep my brushes safe overnight (safe from the enthusiastic chompers of my puppy) but they are taking up too much room in one of the sections of my traincase. I was kind of thinking about the mac pro brush roll ( 810) but I don't know...
  9. sbetsy

    Prep+Prime Q., mini-haul, back2mac, Culturebloom appt.

    (Dear Moderator - I couldn't figure out where to put this post - recommendations? hauls? general chat? shopping buddies? so I hope it's okay that I put it here) I just bought my first mac foundation (studio stick NW20) because though I really like BE, I just needed something with more coverage...
  10. sbetsy

    Confess - you paid over retail and you'd do it again

    I've seriously tried to avoid it, but I find myself considering paying over retail for items I really want. For example, before Xmas I didn't have extra money with which to buy myself the olive brush set, even though I really wanted it. I just found one for sale for $50 and bought it. I also...
  11. sbetsy

    Shimpagne vs. Naked You

    Are these two at all similar? Which do you prefer? Other than the glitter in the naked you, how would you describe the difference between them? Thank you!
  12. sbetsy

    Hanae Morie

    Last time I was at Sephora I got a sample of Hanae Morie. I can't stop thinking about it! It's so pretty and elegant. Anyone own this one?
  13. sbetsy

    Dior - Miss Cherie

    Has anyone tried this one? I tried it at sephora this weekend and can't stop thinking about it. It's elegant but not aged, if that makes any sense.
  14. sbetsy

    Lady Fabulous L/S

    Lady Fabulous lipstick is in the bottom right. I love it! Is there any color similar to it that I could purchase in a tube?
  15. sbetsy

    Stereo Rose in North Central Florida

    I don't live close enough to drive back down and do any CPs (I live over 2 hrs away and have a puppy) but the freestanding store at the Florida Mall has Stereo Rose (and petticoat and naked you) and the Orlando CCO has Coco, Deckchair and Provence pigments and Leisuretime and Belle Azure e/s.
  16. sbetsy

    The dreaded annual gyno appointment.

    I had my annual girly-doctor appointment today and I feel all horrible now. The nurse-practitioner lady was nice and mom-like and the office had friendly signs that said things like "Vaginas are cool" and "Hey, the gyno college called and said that the pabst beer was fine - I thought you didn't...
  17. sbetsy

    Natura Bisse

    I just received a bunch of these products as a gift from my boyfriend's sister. I got a full size sensitive toner, stabilizing cleansing mask, 2 glycolines, and 2 samples each of Diamond cream, Diamond Ice-lift and Inhibit-dermafill. I checked out MUA's product reviews and some, but not all...
  18. sbetsy

    My first FOTD.

    This is my first FOTD post, and technically - it's cheating. I didn't do it. Last night I went to the MAC counter and had it done by my lovely MA before my department's Christmas party.