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  1. Steel

    First ever MAC haul in Finland!

    The first MAC counter ever in Finland opened today and I think I was the first customer Beforehand I was a little terrified about the prices because everything tends to cost a lot more here than elsewhere in Europe (won't even start about the Europe / US price differences...). But, I was...
  2. Steel


    I've had Mangomix for about a year now and I have used it a total of one time. It's such a pretty color but I just don't know what to do with it! I don't like using it alone because it's really bright on me and I honestly cannot think of any e/s I could use with it So I'd like to know what...
  3. Steel

    Pro Longwear

    Hi girls, can you recommend me the most natural looking shade of Pro Longwear, I don't care if it's a lustre or not? For reference I have NW15 skin. I'm looking either for a nude or a natural pinkish color, I don't know really if these exist in the range as I cannot view them in person (will...
  4. Steel

    Foundation pump help!

    Heh, I think I'm a bit stupid but I can't seem to get my new foundation pump to work! Am I supposed to take the blue bit that's inside off (at the moment I can push the pump down but nothing comes up and also it will not screw fully into the foundation bottle) and if so, how am I supposed to do...
  5. Steel


    Hi girls! Apparently my dad is going to visit Berlin and nearby areas in August. Of course I want him to bring me more MAC so I'd like to know do they sell MAC at Berlin airport and are any of the MAC stores/counters easily accessible for someone who speaks zero German/English/whatever. He will...
  6. Steel

    My tax free haul!

    So I got a little crazy at the airport the other day when I realised they had MAC there! I got: 213 brush 187 brush Select SPF 15 Foundation in NW20 Giddy lipstick Florabundi lipstick Dipdown fluidline Da Bling e/s Woodwinked e/s Expensive Pink e/s Parfait Amour e/s Shroom e/s Pink Freeze e/s...
  7. Steel

    Shadestick problem

    Sorry if this has been answered before, I did use the search and came up with some threads of similar nature but not quite the same. I recently got my first shadestick and now I was wondering if it is broken :confused: What happens when I take the cap off the shadestick itself comes out about...
  8. Steel

    Lipstick help

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys could tell me which MAC lipstick is similar to NARS 'Funny Face'? Or if not MAC, any brand really goes as long as it's one I can find easily in the UK. NARS' website describes the color as fuschia but on lips it's more like warm red, I think. Here is a pic of...
  9. Steel

    My varied collection

    I've been using make up only for the past three years and I only really got into it the past year so my collection is not really that big but I think the variety of the products makes it up! Face stuff Blushes Eyeliners etc. Eyeshadows Lipsticks Lipglosses
  10. Steel

    One more hello from the UK

    I just joined Specktra a few days ago, I have to say I love the FOTD forum! I'm a MAC newbie, I moved to the UK this autumn and have only been to a MAC store once but I got the best customer service there EVER! Naturally I don't have that many MAC products yet but I'm hoping to grow my...