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  1. foxykita143

    HUGE Haul! MAC, Chanel, Chloe, NARS, Armani, Clinique

    I kind of had a rough time last week, so I decided to treat myself a bit. Also, I am in the process of finding a space to rent out and start up a little freelancing team so I had to re-up on some things, and of course, some for myself as well! More to come later this week
  2. foxykita143

    Face Chart FAIL!!!

    So I just started working at MAC this week, and before I left today my manager gave me some face charts. I've seen beautiful face charts for years, and I thought hey...I paint...I have been doing make up for 10 years, easy! Oooh how wrong I was... Major FAIL! But at least my heart was in the...
  3. foxykita143

    MAC Article in Allure

    Just randomly stumbled upon this and found it interesting, the article shows you a bit of a different side of MAC.
  4. foxykita143

    MAC at Nordstroms

    My journey started a few months ago, just applying for a management position at a make up counter at Nordstroms. I have managed in retail before, but most of my management experience us with bars, but I also have freelanced for 8 years so I figured I'd give it a shot. The posting ended up being...
  5. foxykita143

    Arabic Style wedding prices

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask you ladies a question about freelance wedding prices. I am meeting with the bride in a few hours, and although I do have experience with this type of application, I have never done it for a wedding. So basically, it is an Indian wedding, and the bride wants...
  6. foxykita143

    Nars Dupes!

    I was just curious if you ladies have found any dupes to NARS products from other lines, more specifically, Nars eyeshadows, since I don't really see a lot. I will start off by sharing a popular dupe, Milani Lumioso blush is pretty much a replica to Nars Orgasm blush.
  7. foxykita143

    Working for NARS

    I just got a call for an interview with NARS. I was wondering if any of you ladies had experience working with NARS, and if you have any advice so I can be prepared for my interview. Thank you ahead of time!
  8. foxykita143

    Working for NARS

    I just got a call for an interview with NARS. I was wondering if any of you ladies had experience working with NARS, and if you have any advice so I can be prepared for my interview. Thank you ahead of time!
  9. foxykita143

    Best Birthday Gift EVER Haul

    I have been doing make up as a freelance artist for a while now, and have loved the industry for years. I had always planned on becoming a full time artist, so little by little I was building my kit up and placing myself in situations and jobs that would help my future in the business...
  10. foxykita143

    Hair Extensions?

    Ok, so has anyone every heard of MANEMAXX extension system before? Apparently they are non damaging, natural, and most importantly, easy to DIY. I have done my own extensions before, and have been mixing up my hair for years, so I am not at all nervous about the actual process. I guess they sell...
  11. foxykita143

    Halloween 2011

    Sooo...what's everyone dressing up as? Post pics if you have them! I might bust out the old Poison Ivy Costume, not sure yet...
  12. foxykita143

    Futuristic Diva/Mermaid Princess

    I decided to do two looks today since I didnt have to work today and I think they turned out pretty well. Futuristic Diva: What I used: Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC Dark Soul Pigment by MAC The Metallic Grey from the Hard Candy "Dillusional" Palette Uzi by...
  13. foxykita143


    I know we still have time but I am a huuuuge Halloween addict and although I have been thinking of costumes for the past couple months, now it's a little more appropriate to talk about it! Ok so heres the deal. My boyfriend and I want to dress as a couple for this Halloween party we are going to...
  14. foxykita143

    Make Up Rut...Help me out!

    Ok, so I posted up a thread a while ago about people being able to post something up when they want honest recommendations or advice about their make up and I said I would post some pictures up for advice, so here they are! Oh, and the thread is here, in case you were wondering...
  15. foxykita143

    Posting pictures for recommendations

    I was surfing through specktra yesterday and an idea hit me. I starting thinking about the FOTDs, and how a lot of girls really would like help, but sometimes not receiving the help they need in the FOTD section. I'm not knocking FOTD because I LOVE it, but maybe we could have a section in...
  16. foxykita143

    Best MAC Face Make up for Dry Skin?

    This is by far my worst problem with make up. My eyes are fine, my lip products are fine, but my make up never looks right because my face make up always looks..I dont even know, like dried up or cakey or something, and its due to my skin being so dry, more specifically, the t-zone area. Now, I...
  17. foxykita143

    It's not Barbie, it's Teresa (pic heavy)

    I came up with the title because when my Mother saw my make up she said "Jesus, Jess, who are you supposed to be, Barbie?" to which I replied "No Mom, not Barbie, it's Teresa" Aaannnyway I wasnt really going for the Barbie look, but I guess it has some similarities lol. Heres what I used...
  18. foxykita143

    Blush/Eyes/Lips Kit Suggestions

    Ok, so I've been working on building up my kit for freelance work lately, and as far as tools and foundation/concealer/moisturizers go I'm set. What I would like to know is what do you ladies suggest for eye shadows, blushes, and lip colors go? I know that for eye shadow, I would need a lot of...