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  1. addicted_2color

    Mineralize satinfinish or select SPF 15?

    I currently use studio fix powder (NC40), but because its winter, it makes my skin look very dry and powdery - not to mention i think the color is off. I have combination skin and have breakouts, so I'm afraid of using a MAC foundation because I hear a lot about how it makes people break out...
  2. addicted_2color

    MAC p0rn, lots of big pics

    labels will come shortly...for now just the pics... Palettes and pre-made quads. clockwise starting from top left corner: formal black smoked eyes, well plummed, 4 sweetie cakes, chromezone 1, warm eye 6: printout, sweet tea, thunder eyes, summerwear, color scheme 3 Not pictured: corps...
  3. addicted_2color

    11 different shadestick swatches

    Not new to many as there are many different shadestick posts around, but thought it might be helpful: Without flash by a window With flash:
  4. addicted_2color

    Nocturnelle/Brow Beat/Holiday Items (pics)

    (sorry if you saw these already earlier this evening @ the LJ community) here's what I picked up today: pleat 4 face brushes (finally a SE 187!) suedette: intense eyes kids helping kids cards (big and note card sized) viva glam VI lipglass Walnut/Ivoire from brow beat 4 pigment samples...
  5. addicted_2color

    2nd lush haul

    my 2nd visit to LUSH, here's what I got: honey trap lip balm 2 Banana moon soap since they are discontinuing it trichomania jungle angels on bare skin aqua marina candy fluff imperialis cream lemony flutter breath of fresh air cynthia sylvia stout shampoo coolaulin conditioner
  6. addicted_2color

    First tiny LUSH haul

    after hearing all the good things about LUSH, I was in pasadena today and stopped by. I was overwhelmed and got tiny portions of things, but here is what I got: Soft Coeur (smells so yummy) Buffy the Backside Slayer Honey I washed the Kids I should coco bohemian banana moon rock star soap and...
  7. addicted_2color

    Storing Pot form MAC shadows....

    I don't de-pot my shadows.... So for those of you like me that don't de-pot, how/where do you store? I am terrified to de-pot in fear of messing them up and second, dropping the whole 15 pan after depotting. If it matters....I have about 25ish mac pots. Right now I currently store them in...
  8. addicted_2color

    I made some MAC icons/avatars

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but feel free to use these and move this thread if needed. I used the various promo pics for the upcoming collections and decided to make icons. Nothing fancy. Here goes: Turquatic: Avant Gold: Amuse: Enjoy
  9. addicted_2color

    Goldbit/182/Quads CCS Haul (with pics)

    Best CCS Haul Ever I got 3 Quads: Thunder Eyes, Inventive Eyes, Boudoir Hues Leisuretime, Goldbit, Prose and Fancy, Little Minx (of course non cco/ccs) Golder's Green, 182 Brush Ok I really must stop the addiction
  10. addicted_2color

    pearlizer haul (with pics)

    I got: Ever Opal Opulent Hundred Degrees Good as Gold and Paradisco eyeshadow
  11. addicted_2color

    Ontario, CA Off 5th (Ontario Mills)

    I went to Ontario Mills the other day (monday 5-15) and spotted the '05 holiday lipglass collection (warm) and two different toon tints...clarice and daisy.i also picked up rio de rosa...cant have enough pinks. they also had tons of CCB's. just thought id share
  12. addicted_2color

    Hi from the newbie in CA

    Hi everyone. I've been hanging around for the past two weeks or so and thought I'd finally say hi and introduce myself. My first mac product was the warm printout pallete in '04. Since then I've mostly been eyeing MAC, but really got into buying pigment samples from ebay. Then I saw the ad...