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    Brandy(could be charge in car crash..

    If the California Highway Patrol gets its way, Brandy could be facing charges over a fatal crash – with the possibility of jail time. The CHP concluded its investigation into the Dec. 30 collision involving the R&B singer – and recommended to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office Monday...
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    beckham :banned size 0

    Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has banned size zero models from promoting her clothing line. The skinny singer-turned-designer is the latest fashion figurehead to clamp down on too-thin catwalk stars -- even though she sports a tiny figure herself. When Beckham launches her new line of...
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    microfine refinsher discontinue

    this is on mac website on the goodbyes are they discontinued it and are they replaceing it and if so with what
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    mac's new mist foundation

    does any one know anything about the new studio mist foundation comeing in oct like what type of coverage and finish it has thanks for any info