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  1. friedargh

    Pinch o peach blush issue - two different versions?

    Hi all, A few years ago I received a Pinch o Peach that I bought from a reputable seller on these forums. Since I loved it so much, I got a cousin to repurchase it from MAC Hawaii for me. However, the issue is that when I saw the new one my cousin bought, it seemed to be a completely...
  2. friedargh

    Setting Foundation - Blot Powder or MSFN?

    Hey Guys, So I'm not made out of money and should only really choose between blot powder or a new MSFN (I'm looking at getter a lighter one that my current). I find that the MSFN gives a wonderful finish to the skin after applying foundation but the oil control isn't incredily amazing - is...
  3. friedargh

    Possible 217 dupe found!

    So I was in the Sportsgirl 'sg' accessory store the other day and saw their small range of makeup brushes. I have to say that the shape of the 'eye blending brush' ($12.95) was a lot like mac's 217, and it's such a cheap alternative although not nearly as soft. Has anyone tried it? What do...
  4. friedargh

    Hey from Sydney!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and look forward to sharing and nurturing my newish but growing makeup obsession with all of you! <3 Friedargh (I was so tempted to write G'day in the title haha)