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  1. caffn8me

    ANTM: Cycle 13

    Unlucky for some, it seems to have started with a riot; Quote: Originally Posted by BBC News An audition in New York for the TV show America's Next Top Model turned ugly when chaos broke out, leaving six people injured and three arrests. Link to story
  2. caffn8me

    Envy Brush - - oodles of fake brushes

    Subject says it all, don't buy from these folks. They are selling fakes on a large scale. Take their 8 piece brush set; They show 409 units in stock. A set of those genuine brushes bought from M·A·C in the USA would cost; 168 - $32.00 190 - $32.00 150 - $42.00 239 - $24.50 275 -...
  3. caffn8me

    Planned anti-gay demo falls flat

    Quote: Originally Posted by BBC News A threatened mass protest by an anti-gay US church failed to materialise when only one demonstrator turned up. [Link] It's wonderful to see bigotry and hatred fail like this. Perhaps society is getting more tolerant of those who are...
  4. caffn8me

    Ice Skating

    OK, who here is an ice skater? I used to skate (badly) many years ago but haven't done any for the last 18+ years. I've just started again as it's an excellent way to keep fit. Until you get onto the more advanced jumps it's a low impact activity and can burn 600 calories an hour, which is a...
  5. caffn8me

    Yay! I've got a date for surgery!

    I've had a long catalogue of health problems which I haven't had much luck getting sorted out. Just over a year ago, I ended up tearing the lining to my anus (anal fissure) due to being rather blocked up as a result of long term underactive thyroid (which took five years for my GP to do...
  6. caffn8me

    You have to leave the house but are only allowed to wear one product

    OK - quiz time. You have to go out into the real world and meet people but you are only allowed to use one cosmetic product. Note: One doesn't mean two, three, four or any more than one Which product can't you go out of the house without? For me it's clear brow gel. I can do without...
  7. caffn8me

    Happy Birthday Charles Darwin - 200 today!

    Today, 12th February 2009, is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. I'll drink to that (but then again, I'll drink to anything ) Creationists may prefer to drink to Abraham Lincoln instead. It's his 200th birthday today too. Teetotal creationists? I'm not sure what they can do...
  8. caffn8me

    Dancing on Ice

    OK, hands up, who watches this? I've recently started ice skating again after not having been on the ice in 18+ years but it's nothing to do with Dancing on Ice. I'm skating again because it's an amazing way to get fit as it can burn 600 calories an hour and I also love it. I've just started...
  9. caffn8me

    Video of hilariously bad driving

    This had me laughing so hard I was crying. It's a bit unfair as it claims it's women drivers but I know that the Range Rover which drives into a snow covered pond was definitely driven by a man - I've seen the full clip of that. Others where we don't see the driver may well have been men too...
  10. caffn8me

    London gets snow!

    Yay! We now have snow in London, England. I was out last night and the roads were treacherous with even buses getting stuck on main roads and lots of accidents. I took a photo of my car at about 8am this morning - there's been even more snow since then. I'm about to drive across London
  11. caffn8me

    Happy Chinese New Year - the year of the ox

    Hey folks, it's the Chinese New Year today and I'm sure there will be lots of forum members celebrating it! Have a good one!
  12. caffn8me

    Hearing voices? Seeing ghosts? Blame the coffee

    Quote: People who drink too much coffee could start seeing ghosts or hearing strange voices, UK research has suggested. [Link] Well, I've tried, damn how I've tried. 32 espressos a day (over 3g of caffeine) and still yet to see a ghost! The only thing vast amounts of caffeine...
  13. caffn8me

    Car crash of the day....

    I crashed my car today. Well, actually, someone else crashed into my car today I was sitting at the petrol (gas in US language) station waiting for a pump to become free. I'd got the engine running as it was cold but wasn't moving and had the handbrake on (it's a manual/stick shift rather...
  14. caffn8me

    I'm back....

    Not that many will remember me after such a long period of absence I've posted more information on the Counterfeit MAC forum as that is where I was most active - see here for more information. I still have virtually no makeup btw
  15. caffn8me

    caffn8me is back

    Well, it's a new year and I'm back. I'd like to apologize to everyone for my sudden disappearance a while back. Those with long memories (very long ones) will know that I was very much involved in the Counterfeit Forum once upon a time. I vanished because something very unpleasant happened...
  16. caffn8me

    Experts warn trendy ballet pumps can damage girls' feet

    Quote: Originally Posted by London Evening Standard The fashion for ballet pumps as streetwear could have damaging long-term effects for feet, experts have warned. Teenage girls and women in their 20s are developing painful corns and callouses - normally only seen in much older...
  17. caffn8me

    Reader's Digest Author of the Year: Richard Dawkins for "The God Delusion"

    Richard Dawkins has just been awarded Reader's Digest Author of The Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards. These are the book trade's equivalent of the Oscars. The God Delusion puts forward the hypothesis that belief in a supernatural creator is a delusion.
  18. caffn8me

    USA folks; If DHL tries to deliver a parcel you're not expecting.... might want to refuse it if it came from China; find out why
  19. caffn8me

    ...and the ugliest breasts in Hollywood award goes to....

    Kate Beckinsale They're dreadful! Far too high up, the skin too stretched and a poor shape. The only thing going for them is symmetry. There are some great examples of bad plastic surgery at If I had breast implants that looked that bad I'd hide rather...
  20. caffn8me

    Wakeup Art Cosmetics - W·A·C

    I've just had a good friend visit me in London. She is a US citizen but she works in Hong Kong. China is the counterfeit capital of the world and this year's hottest items are Woschino bags. They're easily exported from the country because nobody's heard of Woschino. Once safely in places...