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  1. Kiwi Girlie

    Which Smoke Signals Quad?

    Hi there, Would you girlies be able to help me choose which Smoke Signals Eyeshadow quad to get, I love them both but am not sure which colours would suit me best? There is a picture of me in my avatar and in my profile. thanks in advance Freya
  2. Kiwi Girlie

    Wanting to try Everyday Minerals Line.

    Hey everyone, I've been using Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals for a while now. I use the shade Light#2. I like it but I think I can find something that looks even better with my skin, I also find that my face burns when I get hot whilst wearing it, Which I know happens to alot of people...
  3. Kiwi Girlie

    Mac Pink Brushes - Diana Ross?

    Hey everyone, I know some pink brushes were released with the Diana Ross Collection and I think the Catherine Duvene Collection (Don't know how to spell it ) I was wondering How many Pink Brushes were released and what numbers they were and which collections they were from, as I really want...
  4. Kiwi Girlie

    Similar Lipsticks to Sandy B

    Hi there, Well I love the lipstick Sandy B, I love how it's a pinky peachy lipstick but has that goldy sheen to it. Is there any others lipsticks that are like this, from pictures Dainty cake and pink cabana seem to have that gold sheen also, any others they can be L/E discontinued etc...
  5. Kiwi Girlie

    Eyeshadow Newbie - Need Advice!!!!

    Ok well, this is what I wear on a daily basis... Foundation - Bare Minerals Light #2 Natural MSF - Medium Shooting Star as a Bronzer Mac Golden Bronzer to contour Mascara and eyeliner Chapstick + Hue Lipstick I really want to start wearing eyeshadows, But looking at the fotd's and all the...
  6. Kiwi Girlie

    Don't know what to do anymore...

  7. Kiwi Girlie

    ~+~ This Months Haulage So Far ~+~

    Heres what I've bought this month, Got it all from some lovely girls off here and ebay, Still waiting for it all to arrive and i'll post pics when it does! From Balloonacy: Fun Fun Lipstick Silly Girl l/g Pink Meringue l/g Goldenaire e/p Mint & Olive e/p Misc: 2 x So Ceylon MSF Metal...
  8. Kiwi Girlie

    Duty Free MAC

    I was just wondering if there was a Duty Free MAC counter in the Melbourne Airport? I know theres one in the Sydney one, so was wondering if Melbourne Airport has one too.
  9. Kiwi Girlie

    +*+ Part 1 Of My Barbie Haulage +*+

    Heres what I've bought from the Barbie collection so far, May go back and get the rest of the eyeshadows, Malibu Barbie l/g, Loves pink g/s, Rocking chick l/s and don't be shy blush.... but Im trying to restrain myself, haha. $400 NZD later.....ouchie (Clickable Thumbnails) Pearl...
  10. Kiwi Girlie

    What The?...Bora Bora MSF on Ebay

    I was just looking on Ebay Under Mac Mineralize Skinfinishes and came across this.. auction number is 170090791532 Are these fakes, or another MSF that they've put the name "Bora Bora" on, Or Upcoming ones?
  11. Kiwi Girlie

    +~ Latest Hauls +~

    (Clickable Thumbnail) Danse Lightscapade MSF Glissade MSF Standing Ovation l/g Pas-De-Deux l/g Classical l/s Jete e/s Raquel Welch Sultress Quad Razzledazzler l/s Natural MSF's Medium MSF Medium Dark MSF Shimpagne MSF Random Fix + Still deciding if I should get vital Spark...
  12. Kiwi Girlie

    Brush Cleaning

    So I gave my Brushes a deep clean last night, I read threads saying not to saturate the bristles, but I had a little trouble not saturating them... This is what I did.. Filled the basin with tepid water and mixed in a little baby shampoo, dipped the bristles into this water and tapped the...
  13. Kiwi Girlie

    December Haul

    Here's my December Haul so far, just a few bits and bobs...Will probably add to this (Clickable Thumbnail) Glitter Eyeliners Spunsilver Divine Lime Peacocky Oxidate Holiday Dress Set Warm Pigments Thanks to Girlies off Here... Summerfete TLC Porcelain Pink MSF Shooting Star MSF
  14. Kiwi Girlie Made mistake?

    I thought that all 4 lipgelees in the Jewelescent collection were permanent expect Gemshine? But on the site they are all shown as limited edition..?
  15. Kiwi Girlie

    Cool or warm?

    I've never really known if im warm or cool toned, I've done the underarm trick where if your veins look more blue your cool and if they are greener warm? These pic's are not very good as it's from a webcam, my eyes are blue if you can't see, can't find my digi cam Can you tell me if you...
  16. Kiwi Girlie

    November Haul! :D

    I think I did okay, seeing as I was paying off about 4 clothes laybys whilst buying this (clickable thumbnail) * Holiday Formal Black Ruffle: 5 Eye Brushes Set * Warm Soiree set * Holiday Formal Black Velvet: 6 Smoked Eyes * Blacktrack Fluidline * Desirous Blush * Aloof l/s *...
  17. Kiwi Girlie

    Help with nude lipsticks

    I went to my MAC counter today and they don't stock Myth lipstick, I read on a few threads that this was a great Nude lipstick. Is there any other colours that are round the same shade, I have Hue and I find it a bit Pink..Im looking for a nude beige type shade. any suggestions would be great!
  18. Kiwi Girlie

    Foundation advice/Suggestions plz!

    I've been using Bare minerals foundation for a while now in the shade light 2. But I've noticed it's not lasting very well throughout the day and goes cakey and patchey on me, also drys out my skin alot. I have combination skin, I get dry patches and an oily t-zone, Im wondering if changing my...
  19. Kiwi Girlie

    Hi there!

    Hi there my names Freya and im from Wellington, New Zealand. Just thought id say hello to everyone!! I've been looking at this forum for a while, I finally joined and Im really glad I did , I've already picked up heaps of great tips and look forward to picking up more!
  20. Kiwi Girlie

    Nzer looking for Shimpagne MSF

    Im trying to get a hold of a shimpagne MSF, if your from Nz or Aus and Have seen it still in stock at any counters let me know. I did see some in the MAC duty free counter at sydney airport last month, but sadly I was out of cash on my way back through Highly unlikely but I just want to make...