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  1. draught

    first fotd in over two years.

    I hope these make themselves smaller :S So yeah, I have a kidney infection so I randomly realised I haven't worn a lot of makeup in a loooonnng time, so I got bored! I haven't been on...
  2. draught

    I needs some all over MAC recommendations.

    I only have a bit of mac but I've decided to treat myself after my next paycheck... I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some eyes/lips/ cheek colors, becasue there are so many I just need to narrow it down! thanks in advance
  3. draught

    Scabs on delicate facial skin.

    How is the best way to dry these up.. I put poly sporin on last night and now I'm just going to leave them... any suggestions...?
  4. draught

    Are there any websites that show hairstyles?

    That AREN'T from the 80's or 90's haha. I have so much trouble finding them... And aren't all celebrities like beauty riot.
  5. draught

    Falling Star Sorry about the crappy photos, my camera's battery was close to being dead (silly SLR's) and I had no time to change the settings to fit the lighting etc... Just trying to make falling star wearable for me. It seems way pinker in real life...
  6. draught

    Completely neutral fotd/eotd

    This is how I do my makeup everyday... Plain but, it's right for school. And there's it from far away, but it looks more silvery in the middle, it's just the flash. Yes, I have nothing on my skin so don't mind the red spot, I don't want to wear concealer and blush just sitting at home... and my...
  7. draught

    Parrot-ish (the bird), tropical brights eotn

    Soso, I used: Faces 268: all over the lid, it's a light goldy-pink. Faces 326: is the green, most awesome green I've tried. Soo intense (camera may not show that) MAC Falling Star: is in the crease. L'oreal something something e/s to line, AND I made a stupid mistake and didn't curl my lashes...
  8. draught

    2 etod's

    Purple-ish: Crease- Faces #311 Inner- Faces #268 L'oreal Voluminous Warm: Allover: Faces 268 Inner: some gold from Faces Crease and all over the outer: MAC Falling Star (What are other ways to use falling star without it looking like, infection...?) Kind of silly but, I'm dedicting this one...
  9. draught

    Falling Star

    Best way to use this? It's very orange when I use it with other colors... Any reccomendations as to what I should pair it with?
  10. draught

    Simple purple-gold.

    Don't like this one as much... also it doesn't show that great in photos
  11. draught


    Hokay, so the top isn't very nice... Half open.. The colors were much brighter off camera then it shows..hmm I used Faces #326 (green) All the rest is drugstore... egh