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  1. 1QTPie

    Give Me Kisses - My Perfect Red

    This is only my 2nd FOTD since I've been on Specktra. Wow. Hope you like, I welcome any comments and suggestions. (My foundation is a lil splotchy, it was HOT) Click the picture to see. Go ahead, CLICK IT! Click it good. Face MUFE HD liq. #173 Dermablend covercreme 4.5 MAC concealer NW35...
  2. 1QTPie

    1st FOTD - Too Disco Much for Corp. America?

    OK, it was supposed to say TOO MUCH Disco... ah nevermind. Earlier that day my hair was all over the place and I had on a different lipliner. Later on I spruced myself up a little bit... Enjoy the dimly lit bathroom pictures! Eyes: (all Mac unless stated) Shimmermoss [lid; lower...
  3. 1QTPie

    Depotting Issue and Question

    I went to the MAC store in Pentagon City (VA) and asked the artist if she had anything in the back that wasn't out and was perhaps from an old collection. She comes out with a couple of things from the N Collection. One was Memorabilia which I missed out on and was in my shopping cart online. So...
  4. 1QTPie

    Neutrogena Foundations and Powders for WOC

    Is it me or have they just neglected any one whose not pink, pale, white or tan? I seriously look at them every time I go to Target and checked their website and it still seems as if anyone of deep and dark skin tones are SOL when it comes to powders and foundations. I want to write a letter...
  5. 1QTPie

    Jordin Sparks - What do you think she has on?

    Wow this is my first official thread. I ran across this picture of Jordin Sparks on It's a still from her latest video. I am still a MAC virgin (well, I own some lipglasses) so I have no idea what she could possibly have on. I want to duplicate in on my baby sis for her 15th...
  6. 1QTPie

    MAC Virgin here!

    Hey everyone, I decided to stop lurking and register. I'm a newbie from Maryland, who has never purchased a MAC product in her life. I've played with some of the eyeshadows and lip glasses and blush at the counter, but never went for the plunge. Maybe today will be the day? Anyway looking...