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  1. adamchristopher

    Help with a case.

    does anyone know what collection this case is from? I got it at a CCO. judging by the neon colors im guessing Hollidazzle? thanks!
  2. adamchristopher

    Good White Nailpolish?

    I have yet to come across a white nailpolish that doesnt look like white-out on my nails. Anyone tried the MAC whites or anything? I have tried OPI and it was crap. Thanks!
  3. adamchristopher

    MAC Pro going online?

    My mother ordered me acid orange and basic red pigment on the phone and she said the lady starting talking to her about how they are currently working on making the pro products available online. then again my mother could have misconstrued something, I wasnt on the phone. It would be nice though.
  4. adamchristopher

    Pardon my ignorance. (store events)

    I have a question I couldn't find an answser to in search or anywhere else, but what exactly is an event at a store? My store sells the culturebloom stuff but there are no culturebloom events there. confused. haha.
  5. adamchristopher

    New addict in Indiana

    So hey, my name is Adam and I live in Kokomo, IN. Im reaaally new to MAC, got turned on to it by Jeffree Star, hahahaha, lame I know. So far my collection consists of four things +Studio Fix Foundation +Smolder Eye Kohl +Squirt Lipglass +Carbon Eyeshadow BUTTT, Im going to the MAC store...
  6. adamchristopher

    MAC at Disneyworld?

    So next month I'm going to Disneyworld and I was wondering if they would possibly have the Tint Toons lip conditioners since it's a disney/MAC collaboration. I would like to get all of them, but I have the harder one to get out of the way (Cleo's Coral Kiss) do you think they would?