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  1. sunniechan

    Aussie Girls - What are your current favourites?

    Hello fellow lovely aussies~! I love the seeing people's current favourites, whether it be a product that you had for ages but use religiously or a newly discovered product you've fallen in love with. It's a great way to discover products you never tried - I think. Here goes my small list...
  2. sunniechan

    Recent Brush Haul

    First ever haul post I've only recently got into makeup seriously, before I was put some powder and lipgloss on (and maybe some mascara). So I invested in some brushes after some research. I picked up couple of sets from adesign in their F&F Sale, I got the "skin care brush set," "travel...
  3. sunniechan

    226 brush in Mac Pro

    I just went to Paddington Pro shop today, and saw bunch of 226 brushes! I was talking to the SA there and she told me it'll be available in that store from now on.
  4. sunniechan

    Hi everyone!

    Hello! I'm from Sydney, Australia. This looks like a fantastic community and really excited to be part of it. I'm a trained nail artist, so I love all things nails. But lately I've gotten into all things beauty (very late bloomer in that area). I'm a total n00b when it comes to make-up...