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  1. MissCrystal

    You are now a VIB ...............w No e lied sorry

    So im so mad at sephora right now. A couple of days ago I got an email saying congrats your a VIB now. I was so happy i was like finally. Now this morning i check my email and got another one saying basically we'er sorry we lied. WTF mind you i have over 680 points that i spent last year in 09...
  2. MissCrystal

    MAC - Love that Look Discussion

    Launch Date: August 2009 (TBA) Featuring sixteen limited shades with a few repromotes, Love That Look is this year’s follow up from last year’s Starflash Collection. The collection will include four Pearlglide eye liners (most likely a combination of repromotes and maybe one or two new ones)...