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  1. SugarRush

    Lucia Pica

    Hello!! It's been a long time. How do you feel about her work? I've been hating Chanel with this woman. I mean how many red nail polishes could we need in such a short time? Same brownish eyeshadows, they are just changing the shape to round. Same coral nail polishes. I honestly feel...
  2. SugarRush

    New Rouge Coco Stylo Spring 2016

    New pencil shape lipstick line with Keira Knightley. Apparently, shades will be on the red and nude side. Number of shades still unknown. Cred: Chic Profile & The beauty cove
  3. SugarRush

    Chanel new le blanc 2016

    This new Le blanc collection includes a beautiful highlighter and Coco Mademoiselle Touche de Parfum. According to chic profile, comes packed as a lip gloss and should be gently applied on the neck or on the wrists as it is very concentrate and has a gel formula. I'm in love! Cred...