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  1. SoSoAmazin

    Help On Makeup to Wear w/this Blue Top!

    I'm goin out to a lounge for my bday and planning on wearing this royal blue/black/silver top with black jeans but I have no idea what makeup to do with it! When I wore it in this pic, I did a simple smokey eye using smoke&diamonds w/typographic and neutral lip, but I kinda wanna do a bright lip...
  2. SoSoAmazin

    Who Got Their Cult of Cherry Postcards/Invites!!??

    WOOOO I'm so excited I just got a MAC invitation to the Cult of Cherry Event for my local MAC FS!!!! I've only been ever invited to an event once and that was last year for Strange Hybrid but I wasn't able to go... But I am definitely going to this one for sure!! YAY!!
  3. SoSoAmazin

    What Are Your Favorite Lip Combinations for 2N Lipstick?

    Hey beauties! I have 2N l/s that hasn't been getting much love from me lately and would like to know what your favorite lipglasses are (from the perm. line) to pair with it (for reference, I have pretty pigmented/rosy lips and 2N alone looks kinda too sheer/milky on me.. NC40) Thanks!
  4. SoSoAmazin

    My June Haul

    Wow, this is the most I've spent on MAC in the span of about a month! From the MAC Store: 187 168 227 Sumptuous Olive pro e/s pan Dazzlelight pro e/s pan Beige-ing s/s Style blush *California Dreamin' l/s* CCO Purchases: 2 Emote blushes Saturnal e/s Fix+ Cleanse-off Oil Blacktrack f/l
  5. SoSoAmazin

    MAC - California Dreamin LE Lipstick

    California Dreamin on the Left & Angel on the Right (when I first saw it I thought they were similar, so I took comparison pics) No Flash: Flash: Swatched on plain white paper:
  6. SoSoAmazin

    All of a sudden I can't see anyone's posted pics! HELP!

    So last night I logged on and tried to view some FOTD threads but none of the pics are loading.. I usually use Firefox as my browser so I tried Internet Explorer but it's the same thing - no pics showing up!! What's going on here? Please someone help me cuz it sucks not being able to see the...
  7. SoSoAmazin

    << MAC 227 Question >>

    I just bought the 227 today and gave it a wash and lots of black dye bled out - I soaped it like 4 times with my facial soap and it still had some dye bleeding out. Is this normal for the 227? Because my other full-size brushes w/black hair (187 & 182) don't bleed at all (although my 187se did...
  8. SoSoAmazin

    How Long Does it Take You to Do Your Makeup - Full face? =)

    (sorry if this is in the wrong forum - mods feel free to move it to where it belongs!) So, just curious - how long does it take y'all to do your full face makeup? I'm not talkin about "when you woke up late and gotta be out the door in 10 min" makeup I'm talkin bout when you wanna doll...
  9. SoSoAmazin

    I Made My Own Brush Roll =) (sorta pic heavy)

    I'm no pro at sewing so this was with the guidance of my dear mother Hope yall like it!
  10. SoSoAmazin

    Lovin the Sweetness of my Lollipop =D 2 fotds inside...

    So I just got back from my local MAC and bought Lollipop Lovin l/s (which I love!) I was intending on buying Alpha Girl BP too but it just didn't show up enough on my NC37 skin.. Instead I walked out with Sweetness BP Blush! Oh and I'm testing out Silk Naturals mineral foundation (saw it on...
  11. SoSoAmazin

    187 Brush Owners: Do they generally have a problem w/shedding?

    Hi lovelies I have a 187se that I've had since november from the holiday set and it sheds like crazy! It may be because I wash it a lot (maybe 2x per week) but I have to cuz I use it for foundation and I don't want bacteria build-up.. KWIM? I use MAC's brush cleanser and most times my gentle...
  12. SoSoAmazin

    iiifugaziii inspired eotd =) 3.13.08

    I was inspired by the beautiful iiifugaziii's fotd yesterday and had to give it a try It's nowhere as near as gorgeous as hers though! Sorry for the crappy pics - all I had today was my camera phone! What I used on my eyes: Pink Opal p/m - highlight and inner corner NYX Lime Green - inner lid...
  13. SoSoAmazin

    Today Was Daylight Savings?! lol 3.9.08

    I so did not know we were supposed to change our time last night! lol. good thing I had no where to go this morning! Anyway, here's my fotd.. a bit boring as it's another neutral look but oh well FACE: SFF NC37 SF concealer NW25 MUFE Duo Mat powder NARS Laguna bronzer Emote blush to contour...
  14. SoSoAmazin

    [FOTD] 3.7.08 Neutral!

    Hey Lovelies! I haven't done neutral eyes in a few days so I decided to do one today (once again, my camera flash washes out the vibrancy ) FACE: SFF NC37 SF Concealer NW25 MUFE Duo Mat powder NARS Laguna Bronzer EYES: Ricepaper - highlight Blanc Type - inner lid Woodwinked - middle lid...
  15. SoSoAmazin

    [FOTD] 3.5.08 Is it Spring Yet??

    Hey Lovelies! I B2M'd for Post Haste e/s yesterday and I LOVE it! Matte2 e/s are so smooth and easy to blend Here is today's fotd: FACE: SFF NC37 MUFE Duo Mat Powder NARS Laguna bronzer Emote to contour EYES: Blanc Type - brow bone & inner corner Ricepaper - brow bone & inner corner Flirt...
  16. SoSoAmazin

    What to Pair w/Zonk Bleu e/s??

    Hi Lovelies I have Zonk Bleu e/s and I love the color, but I just have no idea what to pair it with.. thus, it sits lonely and untouched in my palette What do you all like to use it with? (If it makes a diff. I'm NC37, brown eyes) Thanks!
  17. SoSoAmazin

    [fotd] 3.4.08

    Hey Lovelies! Here is my FOTD for today It's more vibrant IRL.. my camera washes out the color all the time FACE: SFF NC37 NARS Laguna bronzer MUFE Duo Mat powder Aquafina Hydration spray Liquidlast Coco Bar - brows EYES: UDPP Ricepaper Blanc Type Flirt! Feeling Hot Milani Shock Milani Flare...
  18. SoSoAmazin

    [FOTD] 3.3.08 The Flu Ain't No Joke...

    Hey lovelies! It's been a while since my first FOTD on here cuz I've been down with the flu and just not feelin my makeup Anyway, here is today's.. Hope you like! (all MAC unless otherwise stated) FACE: SFF NC37 Studio Finish concealer NW25 MUFE Duo Mat powder NARS Laguna Bronzer Liquidlast in...
  19. SoSoAmazin

    [ My 1st FOTD ]

    My first fotd on here - Kim K. inspired... please be kind! Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 MUFE Duo Mat Powder NARS Laguna bronzer MAC ricepaper e/s as highlighter Eyes: UDPP Blanc Type & Ricepaper as highlight Blanc type inner 1/3 lid Tempting on outer 2/3 lid blended up to crease Dark Edge...
  20. SoSoAmazin

    Contour Powder/Blush for NC35?

    I'd like some rec's for a matte/non-shimmery contour shade.. I'm NC35. I've tested MAC Blunt in the store but I think it was a bit too dark/reddish Can't get to a MACPRO store for their sculpting powders, so anything else I could use? Thanks!