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  1. Uchina

    Mal goes to the beach!

    I'm in Maine here.
  2. Uchina

    Hip Hop

    Any fans? Right now I'm refueling my obsession with Immortal Technique. He's not just a brilliant lyricist, but a socially conscious one to boot. Since I'm bored, I'm going to post a few lines. ANR's tribe jerking me thinking they call shots offered me a deal and a blanket full of smallpox...
  3. Uchina

    What to do with these shadows?

    I'm kind of stuck for new ideas as far as what I can do for an eye look. Can you guys suggest colour pairings and eotd's for me? Here are the shadows that I have: Mac Amber lights Knight Divine Rummy Kid Sushi Flower Interview Purple -X Deep Shadow (paint) Non-Mac Cargo Agean and Babylon...
  4. Uchina

    Porn Star Challenge (boobs ahead, duh)

    So I was watching one of my favorite Peter North scenes tonight when I was supposed to be studying, when it occured to me that a PORN STAR look would be a fun face to do Here's Jenna looking spectacular as usual... There's lots of porno looks to behold. There's the silver eye and glossy...
  5. Uchina

    How accurate is this?

    Charts for respective characteristics of different ethnicities (say 3x fast) (Asian) (African and Pacific Aboriginal, dont ask me why they grouped them together )...
  6. Uchina

    Face too round for a short haircut?

    Can I pull off Audrey Tautou's hair? I always used to categorize my face as "round" because I read somewhere that "all Asians have moonface." Now that I know that this is b.s., I'm starting to think that my face is more oval or heart-shaped.
  7. Uchina

    Sun spots!

    I have too many so-called "beauty" marks. I wish my mom slathered me with sunscreen since birth, at LEAST on my face! While I make up for lost time (spf 45 every day!), what can I do to reduce the appearance of dark marks on my face?
  8. Uchina

    Today is your lucky day

    BECAUSE I'M FINALLY HERE! No, I'm not really that cocky. Hi