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  1. *KT*

    Paul Newman Passes at 83

    Entertainment - Paul Newman, actor who personified cool, dies
  2. *KT*

    Bad Luck in 3s? Isaac Hayes now...

    First Moran Freeman was in that terrible accident. Then Bernie Mac passes away. Now I just saw on Comcast's front page that Isaac Hayes passed away today at 65. Music - Singer, songwriter Isaac Hayes dies at age 65 What a sad weekend.
  3. *KT*

    Anyone use MUFE Aquarelle?

    How do you like it for lining? How is the consistency, compared to Urban Decay's liquid liner? I did a forum search and didn't have any luck. TIA
  4. *KT*

    Cute, packable, LBD.

    My hubby and I take a two week vacation out of the country every other year, so I'm always on the lookout for suitcase-friendly outfits. I saw these two dresses at NY&Co earlier this week for $30 (reg $50) and picked one up as it's perfect to jam into a spare corner of my suitcase. New York...
  5. *KT*

    Anyone versed in MAC & NARS shadows, need NARS color recc.

    Like the title says, I'm thinking about buying a couple of NARS e/s duos with a Sephora gift card and since there's no Sephora nearby, I'd like some help with my online shopping. Here's what I have in MAC e/s, I tried to at least somewhat group stuff together to help. Magic Dust RicePaper...
  6. *KT*

    Other side of the coin - When humans attack: Earless kitten

    When I saw the picture, I thought of those LOLZ cats, like "Ware meh earz go?" I thought maybe it was some really bizarre genetic thing, then I read the story and wanted to cry. GRAND RAPIDS -- The Humane Society of Kent County is looking for information about a case of animal cruelty...
  7. *KT*

    My first CCO haul (Birch Run, MI)

    e/s ($10): Jete, Falling Star, Stars 'n' Rockets Well-Plumed Quad ($24.50) pigments ($13.75): Nightlight, Viz-a-violet, Pinked Mauve Jadeye fluidliner ($10.25) Subculture lip pencil ($8.50) BLM - Don't Be Shy blush ($12.25), Magic Dust e/s ($10), Pearl Sunshine BP & Pearl Blossom BP...
  8. *KT*

    Is there a MAC Addicts Anonymous?

    Because I might need to join. So I bought home my first MAC haul within the last 5 weeks... and this is what I now have: strobecream VivaGlam V glass Rougette l/s phloof e/s ricepaper e/s sweet lust e/s goldmine e/s graphology e/s bronze e/s carbon e/s purple dash liner sweet sage fluidline...