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  1. lsperry

    MAC - Hello Kitty and Kitty Kouture Discussion Part II

    Discussion continued from original thread here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quote: Originally Posted by dreamiez is the colour story out? It was updated today with more information. But the full colour story is not complete, yet.
  2. lsperry

    “Brush Focus” on

    Quote: MAC Professional Brushes perform better, last longer, with care. New brushes: Wash with water to remove any preservatives required for shipping and to eliminate any loose fibre. Daily: Clean brushes on a daily basis, or as often as required, with MAC Brush Cleanser. Weekly...
  3. lsperry V-Day Picks

    Valentine's Day picks are online -- Click on "Picks", then "Perfect Pout" Quote: Nothing invites kisses more than a lip primed, shaped, and made lusciously smoochy-smooth and shiny. As M•A•C artists play Cupid and take aim for your lips, join us! Follow their lead and...
  4. lsperry

    Accessories Re-launched on

    From the website: Quote: The M•A•C accessory line re-launches with added features and a new streamlined look. Essentials include Sponges, Puffs, Sharpeners, Tweezers, Kit bottles and Jars. For pros who prefer our one-use items, we've made them easy to spot: they're black. Do the...
  5. lsperry

    Of Beauty and Signature Bags are up on

    Of Beauty and Signature Bags are up on But still can't order Curiousitease....grrr.... Can't wait to go out of town Thursday to visit a MU who can show me how to use the Of Beauty products.... Smoke Signals and Blue Storm are gone, though. But the products are still there under the...
  6. lsperry

    NEW Accessories?

    Once I placed my order this morning for Flashtronic and Rushmetal, I saw they had added an "ACCESSORIES" category under the "Products" category. I've been visiting the website off and on all day hoping they would update it 'cause my curiosity is piqued Anyone have any idea what new...
  7. lsperry

    Slimshine and Strange Hybrid are online on

    Yoohoo!! Glad to order my haul. Can't wait to receive them. Ordered from both Strange Hybrid and Slimshine AND this time they even have face charts for the collection!! They are GORGEOUS!
  8. lsperry

    Mineralize Satinfinish and Skinfinish Up

    I don't know if they're testing the site or what, but when I click on it, it just re-cycles and does not allow access. Oh well, I'll try the site later on today. Anyone else have luck accessing it?
  9. lsperry

    Glam Gams Discussion

    Yeah! So we March babies do get something!
  10. lsperry

    MAC on Holidays with Style on the Style Network

    While watching TV this morning, I tuned in to "Holidays with Style" w/Niecy Nash and who was first on the program? MAC was! I was so excited. I did not catch all of the details, so I apologize. Gregory A(?) was the artist showcasing the Holiday look featuring the "warm" lace:6 warm eyes holiday...
  11. lsperry

    Halloween Collection – Are there new colors in this collection?

    While looking at the Halloween collection, I saw a couple of things I had never seen on the site before – CCB dark brown and black, chrome yellow ES, Marine Ultra pigment. Are they recent additions to the site or maybe I haven’t been paying attention….
  12. lsperry

    What color? MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer and Select Moisturecover

    I have a studio touch-up stick in NW40 and it’s a good match for use in the under-eye area. But I like the consistency of the select cover-up concealer. I wear NW45 SFF SPF 15 foundation. Should I order NW40 or NW45 in the select cover-up concealer and the select moisturecover? I don’t have a...