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  1. PinkDays

    What are some good eyeshadow placements for deep set eyes?

    So I have deep set almond shaped eyes that are a bit hooded on the outer corner. But my eyebrows are pretty high, so it looks like I have a lot of lid space at first glance. So my eyes just tend to have a heavy look. I generally don't bother with eyeshadow and just wear eyeliner. I want to...
  2. PinkDays

    How to do interesting eye looks that don't look too heavy?

    I see so many interesting bold eye looks. Unfortunately they just look too heavy and dull with my eye shape and coloring. I want some looks that will make me look sharper. I usually just use a bit of black eyeliner on my top lid and white eyeliner in the inner corner. I want to mix it up a...
  3. PinkDays

    Just want to find what works for me

    I've always been confused about what works for me. I've asked a few questions on reddit, but that seems to be a hostile environment. I've been on this website a few times from google. It seems friendlier than Reddit here. :)