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  1. Aurynn

    Flat iron or curling iron?

    I just got a sassy nearly shoulder-length cut. Now when I was younger and I had short short hair I had big-ass curls. As my hair got longer the curls disappeared. Thing is, now that its shorter, some pieces are curled, some are straight and others just stick out. I want to make nice curls, do...
  2. Aurynn

    MAC in Sweden

    I'm an Erasmus student and in Gävle for three months. Anyone knows what's out at the two counters in Stockholm or any prices? Can't wait for my little trip to Stockholm
  3. Aurynn

    Some basic brush recs?

    My old brushes are falling apart and I intend to replace them with MAC brushes, but they have so many I'm at a loss where to start. I have decent blush, powder and foundation/concealer brushes so I don't need any of those, but recommendations for other essentials would be highly appreciated...
  4. Aurynn

    Greetings from Belgium

    Yes I do realise that that sounds like a bad postcard. But yeah. Hi, I'm Karen! I'm twenty (turning 21 in november) and I'm from Belgium. We only have one MAC store in this tiny country of ours so my MAC collection is minimal now but I'm hoping to expand it a LOT! I walk through life with fair...