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    General Chanel Chat

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    Chanel Spring 2014

    I've just spotted the first signs of 2014 Spring, here it is from a Russian blogger, but the images in her post are taken from other sources:
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    Fashion's Night Out 2013

    Found the first mentioning (at least for me it was the first time) about the Fashion's Night Out offerings from Chanel for this year. Collection is called Chanel Nuit Magique and includes two nail polishes and one liquid eye liner. You can see a promo in the link below from the Russian...
  4. cheburaha

    Chanel Spring 2013 makeup collection

    I saw that pics for the spring collections have started to emerge online. Here is one from the Russian blogger - looks like we'll get a lot of new Rouge Allures this coming spring! Do you have better picture and/or description of this new...
  5. cheburaha

    FNO Chanel Exclusives

    Hello everyone! As FNO is approaching (September 6th?), I was wondering if someone has information about this year FNO exclusives from Chanel? Would it be a Le Vernis trio again similar to last years Les Jeans and Les Khakis. Let's share! For my fellow Canadians, I heard that this year Toronto...