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  1. lemurian

    Ingredients in MAC products...

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but I was just absentmindedly looking at some of my eyeshadow boxes and noticed that the preservative used in the newer eyeshadows is phenoxyethanol, rather than the parabens used in older eyeshadows. Phenoxyethanol is a more "natural", non-toxic...
  2. lemurian

    How to coax out an overdue baby? Help!

    So I'm at 41 weeks today, in perfect health, as is baby, but come to find out that my doctor is leaving for vacation on Saturday! So far there is no definite sign that labor is imminent, and my doctor says it's fine to wait, but I'm so afraid of delivering with someone I've never met! I don't...
  3. lemurian

    What to do in Toronto?

    I'll be in Toronto for about a day and a half later this month, and I'm look for recs for things that I HAVE to do/see/eat/buy in Toronto, lest I regret not having done so for the rest of my life I know absolutely nothing of the city, though, so whatever you got, throw it my way -Marianne
  4. lemurian

    Introduce Yourself...

    ... was a great Faith No More album :P I'm Marianne, also lemurian on MUA. I've been lurking for quite awhile, but I look forward to contributing (or just blathering, whichever) Nice to meet you!!!