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  1. Deadly

    Dupe for MAC Prince Noir lipstick

    I was considering this lipstick but at quite a high price tag I wondered if some of the other shades from MAC for example are very similar in color. How do you think about MAC Sin or Media lipsticks regarding similarity in color? I also have Love Peck Kissable and Lasting Achievement but they're...
  2. Deadly

    Pink Cream Blush Help

    What's the closest cream blush in color to the pink cream blush in Too Faced's No Makeup Makeup Palette? I think MAC Florida is too bright, but So sweet so easy is too light in color. I need a same kind of mid-tone pink shade. Weekend Getaway came to mind, but I guess it's a bit warmer...
  3. Deadly

    MAC Creme Liner - new product?

    Hi! I was just wondering if MAC Creme Liner is a new product? If not, what is that like? Does it not smudge?