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  1. wolfsong

    Clear Lipglass

    Ive seen quite a few auctions of clear lipglass up on ebay at any one time. Has there been any record of this product being faked? I ask because it is sold at RRP plus shipping (or below retail price sometimes). Maybe they are buying with Pro cards/using employee discount (or buying from those...
  2. wolfsong

    DreamWorld Minerals, McDowell's

    McDowell's I havent seen this company mentioned before on here, so i thought i'd post the link. I will be buying samples from them soon, and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used their products (The photos can be clicked for bigger, better pictures - they look beautiful from...
  3. wolfsong

    About Face (theshespace)

    I made a post about this, but it was deleted (i dont know why, and am quite curious about it - its not in my thread history so i dont think it was moved ): Has anyone had any experience with this company? Ive ordered a big selection of pigments, face powders...
  4. wolfsong

    Need help with lipsticks (please)

    Im in love with the lipstick/product(s) in the following image (the one on the pale girl - i dont know if they are the same product(s) and just look like two shades due to difference in lip pigmentation?), but have no real idea what it is - ive seen things it could be, but its just guesswork, so...
  5. wolfsong

    Clear lipgelee

    Ive seen a few of these around, and im always curious as to whether they are authentic or not. One of the auctions i have viewed showed the back of the product, which clearly showed 'Clear Lipgelee' on the back (in the correct place, with correct writing/batch code stamped etc). Yet the product...
  6. wolfsong

    Disgustingly fake.

    Seller: katharine4504 Items - selling 3 items in each auction: (What the...
  7. wolfsong

    Very Rude, Very Fake

    Ebay seller: honeyfacexxx Items: Pigment auctions: (3D Copper Brilliance is a glitter that looks like a slightly darker Lustdust, it is not, o' idiot seller, a Melon coloured pigment...)...
  8. wolfsong

    Fake seller heads up.

    Giving the heads up about this seller: princess_semia786 Auctions: (photo nicked from a counterfeit seller - probably charleyandemily as it looks identical to theirs) (Notice...
  9. wolfsong

    If MAC were a drugstore brand...
  10. wolfsong


    I messaged charleyandemily (ebay) about how they could sell MAC items for at least half the RRP if they were real, and this was my reply: "they are real and I do buy them wholesale. i have to invest thousands of pounds in a single order to be able to get a good price. I buy most of my stock...
  11. wolfsong

    Dodgy box? I always think FAKE when i see boxes like this (the 'e' is hard to fake from what i remember from a caffn8me post), and the box looks shoddy. Do MAC boxes ever come like this sometimes?
  12. wolfsong

    Rose pigment Does this look authentic to someone who has a monitor that likes MAC? Mine always shows up too dark or something, which is making this one look like Ruby Red.
  13. wolfsong

    What do you think of these?
  14. wolfsong

    Fake brush set The grooves on the metal that holds the hairs are too deep to be authentic MAC, brush sets havent been sold in ages, and also the pouch looks cheap and tacky (dont these all come in leather?) The large powder brush looks synthetic (by the...
  15. wolfsong

    MAC Evil Spirit

    Seller: Win_rkpaco Are they just making up names now? I havent ever seen this kind of fake before... Apparently this is a 'MAC' blusher: "Mac Magic Nourish Waterproof Liquid...
  16. wolfsong

    Ireland fakes

    Thought i'd give you a heads up on these - first irish fakes ive seen, though they could be from anywhere.... These are the REALLY fake ones - look at the compacts! Selling MAC, Bobby Brown, Revlon, and Elizabeth Arden if you're interested?! Seller: 198pepper Items...
  17. wolfsong

    Clear Lipgelee

    Hey i was wondering what people thought of this: I was under the impression that lipgelee/glosses that came in those squeezy tubes things were fake.
  18. wolfsong

    Wrong on so many levels... What do you think? Will anyone buy this crap?
  19. wolfsong

    Anyone? Is the seller telling porkies? These have left me mute, dumb and blind:
  20. wolfsong

    BLUSHER with brush compartment I thought they only did this with the e/s?