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  1. mocha_queen

    Smokey black and glitzy blue (2 new looks)

    Hi guys! I recently came across Jennifer Lopez's make-up in her All I Have video with LL Cool J and I thought about how I always wanted to replicate the look myself. I put a little twist to it myself and here is the finished product: Face...
  2. mocha_queen

    Plum and Gold with a bold lip

    I tried out this sparkly gold and rich plum eye look with a bold pink lip today for a night out with my girls! Face MAC Prep+Prime MAC Studio Fix NC 42 MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC 42 Revlon Skinlights NARS Gilda NARS Bronzer MAC Iridiscent Powder...
  3. mocha_queen


    I know used to sell O.P.I. polishes (but dont anymore) and still sells China Glaze. Do you guys know anywhere else I could buy O.P.I online for cheap?
  4. mocha_queen

    Am I wrong?

    I ended things with my bf of 2 years back in January for not having any time for me and not being supportive and loving. He would not talk to me on the phone anymore and just make playful but mean jabs at me and blame it on the stress of not having enough money. Anyway, we had been on and...
  5. mocha_queen

    Getting over your ex

    So how did you ladies (and gentlemen) get over a bad break-up? Do you have any advice or stories to share? Im going through a really bad break-up right now and I have been with this person for 2 years. If there is a hell, then im sure this is it. It feels like losing a family...
  6. mocha_queen

    New Posts

    Im not sure where this thread should go, so please feel free to move it, if need be. I wanted to know if the new posts page has been completely removed? cause its hard to check out the new posts without going through all forums. If so, im dissapointed
  7. mocha_queen

    Khloe Kardashian

    I was watching re-runs of Kourtney and Khloe season 2 and I fell in love with Khloe's lip colour here in Episode 3. Not sure if it's MAC or not, but does anyone know what colour this is? Or anything close to it? Thanks in advance!
  8. mocha_queen

    Shoes this year

    Since shoes are my absolute fav thing in the world, here's a thread about what shoes you have purchased this year. I intended to buy these last fall, but I ended up with them in February, so only wore them once. They are sooo sexy though! I have wanted nice thigh-highs forever. I bought...
  9. mocha_queen

    Lady Gaga Cosmo Cover Im not too much a fan of the red lips with the pink/black eye make up, but I loooove the eye make up alone, its beautiful. Im sure there's a little carbon in there, but what other shadows do you suggest to reproduce this look?
  10. mocha_queen

    2010 Movies

    Inspired by Holmes's thread, here are some of the movies I cant wait to watch this year. From : IMDb - Now Playing in the U.S. Iron Man 2 Who doesnt want to watch this sequel? Its easily the most anitcipated movie of the year. Shrek Forever After The third one kind of sucked, honestly but I...
  11. mocha_queen

    Awesome Rainbow Cake

    Some of you might have come across this recipe for a diet rainbow cake Omnomicon makes how to make a rainbow cake! I made my own version yesterday I just used traditional eggs and oil in the white cake mix and used strawberry icing between the layers. The blue icing is just fluffy vanilla...
  12. mocha_queen

    Old and new FOTD's (pic heavy)

    Heya girls! Sooo i havent really had a chance to play around with my make up since I have been away at school, but I never uploaded a few FOTD's I have from a few months back and the new ones I recently worked on. I might have not listed all the produts I used since some of these are old and I...
  13. mocha_queen

    Re-decorated my room! [Picture heavy]

    So I moved into these university appartments around a year ago and my room was pretty basic. I was trying to save some money so all I got was a pillow and some bedsheets, lol. I saved up and just this last week while my boyfriend was visiting, he helped me re-decorate my room completely and I...
  14. mocha_queen


    So I got my Cult of Cherry invitation for MAC India and I also got a phone call asking to come in and meet some people and give my honest opinion about the store, products and the ladies that work there. MUA said on the phone, youre one of our best and loyal customers and are so "macified"...
  15. mocha_queen

    HOT red lips

    I usually dont wear a lipstick, but red is definitely my favourite. This is my usual red lip look Hope you enjoy Products Used: UDPP Naked Pigment Vanilla Pigment Mulch e/s Shroom e/s Tan Pigment Falsies Plushlash L'oreal Crimson l/s 300 Russian Red l/g Pinch me...
  16. mocha_queen

    The Seven Sins : Lovely Lust [+ other sins] {Picture heavy!}

    Hi ladies! I finally got done with last [ and the best] sin today and thought i would post the pictures. The whole sort of project has been really fun and thank you for all the lovely comments and inspriration/ encouragement Here goes : Lust Products used: UDPP Bare...
  17. mocha_queen

    The Seven Sins : Sloth [My favourite sin!]

    Hi ladies [Incase youre...
  18. mocha_queen

    The Seven Sins : Violet Vanity

    Hi ladies [Incase youre wondering what this seven sins is all about]...
  19. mocha_queen

    The Seven Sins : Red Wrath

    Hello [Incase youre wondering what this seven sins is all about] I had a lot of time on my hands today, and I got very inspired by...
  20. mocha_queen

    The Seven Sins : Gluttony

    Hiya! [Incase youre wondering what this seven sins is all about] Products Used: UDPP Bare Study p/p Chrome Yellow e/s Rule e/s Golden Lemon Pigment Fuschia Pigment...