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  1. stacey4415

    Everyday Minerals and Silk Naturals Haul- lots of pictures

    So i finally received my online orders, i ordered the 50 dollar customisable kit from EDM, where you can choose any 12 large items, i donated one foundation and brush to my Mother, the foundation was too dark for me, so i gave her it, and she needed a brush!! I think it's a good deal, one is...
  2. stacey4415

    A blusher for pale skin

    Hey guys, so i'm very pale Paler than nc15 and i'd like a new blush, i have a few mac blushes, but the only blush i use regularly is plum foolery. I don't really like it, but it's more suitable than my others, such as sunbasque which the MA persuaded me to buy, but it doesn't suit my pale skin...