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  1. Devon

    MAC Release dates in Italy

    Let's start! Heatherette is released in Italy on march 31st,
  2. Devon

    "Sweet Little luxuries" ebay shop

    Hi girls, I bought some items here (two patternmaker eyeshadows palettes) and I was sure they're authentic, I've never heard about fake LE Mac palettes. But.. now I'm in doubt about other items listed in the ebay shop. There are some doubtful pigments.. take a look! Melon Air du blue...
  3. Devon

    Fake brushes?

    I'm going to bid.. are these fakes? MAC Limited Addition Patternmaker 5 Olive Brush Set su Brushes Applicators, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty
  4. Devon

    Help with Kid e/s!

    In a sort of compulsory buying mania on Ebay I bought the kid e/s... I like it, it's neutral, but I can't find a good combo. Which any other e/s or pigment should I use with? Thanks
  5. Devon


    Hi girls! A friend of mine gave me for present a MAC e/s called Taupeless. I really like this colour but I can't find a good combo... I've got Beauty marked that has a purple finish, but anything else? I discovered that it's a LE called lingerie. Thanx
  6. Devon

    Toc... toc...

    Hi girls! I'm new in this forum, I hope you'll accept me. I'm Italian, I live near Florence and I'm interested in make up and beauty. Searching info about MAC I found and I noticed this forum is full of pictures, wonderful tutorials and I decided immediately to register me. I'm...