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  1. macface

    I dont know what to do?

    Before i beging excuse my spelling...I have been dating this guy for 1yr already..he is 24yrs old Im 26 yrs single mom he has been my first boyfriend since i separated from my daughthers dad.We had so many problems already and its bearly been a year..Our problems usually are about him going...
  2. macface

    What does this mean?

    I don't know what to do. My sisters best friend told my sister that she saw my boyfriend with another girl. I know she would not lie because shes really close to my sister. She has known me for a while but has seen my boyfriend only one or twice. I just found out that she works around where my...
  3. macface

    Emotional Abuse from Partner can't take it no more.

    I'm currently living with my daughters dad at the moment. I'm a 24 yrs old stay at home mom/college student. my boyfriend and I are always fighting over and over about his stupid addiction to being in the computer 24/7 He has serious problem he wont pay attention to my daughter or to me. Every...
  4. macface

    Can I use Groundwork Paintpot as a smugde eyeliner?

    Any Ideas Girls?
  5. macface

    Whats the price for the Mineralize Skin finishes?

    I'm asking because I'm looking forward o n getting some this month from the naked Collection.
  6. macface

    Is this True About depotted Eyeshadows?

    So I depotted all my eyeshadows but I heard that they are not taking any eyeshadows without the metal pan inside anymore.Is this True?
  7. macface

    Are Mac Paint Pots limited or permanet?

  8. macface

    Nude Lipstick shade Need Major Help

    I need help finding nude lipstick colors that are from the regular collection that are not limited.I'm NC25 these are the color I already own High Tea,myth.I would love your recomendations ladys.
  9. macface

    I can't stand this crap

    Me and my fiance live in a apartment duplex we live in the bottom with our daugther and his older sister lives on top with her boyfriend and their son.His sister has a really bad attitude that she thinks she could boss everybody around.My problem is that everytime she has her little BBQs...
  10. macface

    Smoke signal quad

    I didnt get the smoke signal quad on time and everywhere I go its already sold out?Im trying to make my own.I want to buy the small quad and I will like some recomedations on what colors should I buy closest to the colors.I know satin taupe is one I need help with the other three.
  11. macface

    This is so annoying what should I do?

    Ok on july 10 is my daughters birthday this year shes not having a birthday party.Me and my boyfriend talk about just buying her a cake from a certain bakery that I like the cakes.The thing is my mother in law and sister in law are trying to buy her a cake and trying to change my plans that...
  12. macface

    Paris Hilton on Larry king show.

    Did anybody watch it.
  13. macface

    My sadest fathers day.

    Today I had to the emergency room for chest pain it turn out to be stress and anxiety attack.Then I get home and My boyfriend who I have a daugther with is acting so mean with me complaning that this is the worst fathers day because he had to go pick me up from the hospital since they gave some...
  14. macface

    Do you think kim kardishian is hot?

    Just in case you dont know who she is she has a sex tape with ray-j and shes friends with paris Hilton.
  15. macface

    Lazy to wear makeup 4 work everyday.

    As much I love makeup I feel lazy every morning to put it on.I was wondering does anybody feel like me in the morning?.Some of my friends take their makeup to work and put it on in lunch time.
  16. macface

    Barbie & Hybrid Haul

  17. macface

    My newest haul !!

    Eye Shadow; Stila Smokey Quad Star Violet Carbon Girlie Knight Divine Sumptous Olive Blush ; Dont Be Shy Gingerly Shade Stick Taupographic Pigment Chocolate Brown Half of Rose Pigment & a Brow Shader
  18. macface

    Will Britney do it again?

    I was wondering since Britney has gone down hill big time will fans like her the same if she trys to come back again?
  19. macface

    People who hate mac or ?

    I have been a mac user for a long time and I love it.Also known of lots people who hate mac.I have heard all kinds of things like they use to much makeup,to expensive,workers look like hookers and all guys that work their are gay,racist.I know some of this suff is not true.Iwas just wondering...