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  1. MACaholic76

    Lancome foundations for darker ladies

    I'm looking for something new and thought I'd give Lancome a try since MAC discontinued my favorite foundation a while back. Any of you ladies use any Lancome foundations? Do they have suitable shades for golden/darker skintones? Thanks!
  2. MACaholic76

    Revlon Colorstay Foundation

    I've been wanting to try this foundation for quite some time now. Do any other WoC use this? What shade would an NC45 be? TIA!
  3. MACaholic76


    So I've noticed that several people that post here have HGs from Ambi, Black Opal, Black Radiance, and other d/s lines targeted towards people of color. Now, where I live, I've noticed that 1. The popular d/s brands dont offer the entire spectrum of foundation shades. For example, I've been...
  4. MACaholic76

    Spinoff thread: What are your top/favorite drugstore finds for WoC?

    Just wanted to continue to share the wealth and find out what other goodies from the d/s we are loving. I have a few: - L'oreal HIP foundation/True Match. Excellent range of colors and actually very impressive for d/s. What I love the most is how much yellow/warmth is in these compared to how...
  5. MACaholic76

    Non-"crunchy" mascara

    I love mascara. Ok, I'm a mascara ho. There I said it. After testing out tons and tons of mascaras, I finally figured out what I like. I find most formulas leave my lashes hard and crunchy. I love dramatic, crazy looking lashes, but I dont like that crunchy hard feeling. One of them is...
  6. MACaholic76

    Studio Finish Matte foundation

    As you all know this has been discontinued. Boo. It's been my HG foundation for years and unfortunately, I didnt stock up. I've called EVERYWHERE, including the Lost but not Forgotten program and nothing has turned up as of yet. For those who have used it or who still use it and have tried...
  7. MACaholic76

    Softer Smoky Eye

    Hey ya'll. I usually post my FOTDs over on MUA but I've been reading about smoky eyes on darker skintones. This is not all that but I thought it'd be helpful to some. I used Fawntastic CCB, Tabby, Knight Divine, Black Tied and a little bit of Carbon. I lined with Smolder on upper and lower...
  8. MACaholic76

    What's your favorite MAC foundation? And which do you hate?

    Ladies! I'm curious as to which MAC foundation we are loving!??? I changed my mind and I'm editing my original post. I still like my Studio Fix applied with a fluffy brush. My HG is the Studio Finish Matte, but that was discontinued. I keep trying to like the Studio Fix Fluid but I dont love...
  9. MACaholic76

    I'm coming out!!!

    Out of my makeup rut that is. This is my second post EVER here on Specktra. I was inspired by Mistella and Olivebutterup on these 2 simple looks. I used Expensive Pink, Sushi Flower, Carbon and Cranberry and Smolder to line and L'oreal Panoramic mascara. L'oreal HIP foundation and Deep Throat...
  10. MACaholic76

    Studio Finish Matte foundation

    Not sure if I'm asking in the right thread. Anyway, this foundation is becoming harder and harder to find. Anyone know of a product that gives similar finish? I heard the GA Matte Silk Foundation does this but darn's just too expensive. Any ideas? Thank!
  11. MACaholic76

    "The Best Of" for Women of Color...

    I took this survey from the thread on the Cosmetic Discussion board and thought it'd be fun to hear from what women of color like or are using. Please post your skintone/skintype/hair type also. Have fun! NC45 - pretty good skin, a little shiny on Tzone/kinky curly hair when worn...
  12. MACaholic76

    Highlighting shades

    What's everyone using on brow bone to highlight? I have Ricepaper and Sunday Best but need a couple more ideas.
  13. MACaholic76

    Powder help!

    So I think my skin is complicated and perhaps a little mad at me. I'm currently using Tretinoin gel prescribed by my derm for anti-aging and to clear some clogged pores. I get very shiny throughout the day but for some reason, whenever I wear loose or setting powders, my skin shrivels up and...
  14. MACaholic76

    Brush for Studio Fix

    Out of curiosity, which brush do you guys use to apply your studio fix? I've used the 150, the 129, and the 180. I liked the 150 the best. The 129 was "meh" and I just can't quite get the drift of the 180. I'm thinking about purchasing the 136 and the 182. Thoughts?
  15. MACaholic76

    Your top MAC lipglosses/lipsticks for Darker skintones

    I would love to know what you guys love. Here are my favorite: Lipglosses: Nymphette Oh Baby Wonderstruck Ornamental Flashmode VGVI Blue/Brown pigment over clear gloss Lipsticks: Honeyflower Sophisto
  16. MACaholic76


    I'm having trouble wearing the MSF in Dark. I find it very orangy and too "muddy" looking on my NC45 skintone. But, I'm afraid the Med/Dark would be too light. I'm looking for something I could wear over my moisturizer, kind of like Studio Fix but lighter and more glowy. Do you guys think...
  17. MACaholic76

    Armani foundation

    Hi. A makeup artist recommended this to me for photoshoots. Anyone familiar with the shades? I had #8 in the LSF and it looked rather white-ish on my skin. For reference, I am an NC45ish/C6 in MAC. He said that the shades dont run in sequence so I could be anywhere from a 7.5 to a 9 or 10...
  18. MACaholic76


    Has Juiced been officially discontinued?
  19. MACaholic76


    I've noticed very few ladies in the C40 range on here. For those of you who wear this shade and for other MAC MAs/experts, do you think C40 is darker than NC42? Almost got into it with my counter manager...but she's my I had to respect. LOL!
  20. MACaholic76

    My first FOTD (and old one thou)

    This is an old old one of my favorite smokey black eye look. Hope I pass the specktra test! LOL! It took me a lot of b***s to finally post but here it is! What I used on my eyes: * CCB in Fawntastic all over * Blacktrack f/l on upper and lower lash line * Tabby e/s (from Cool palette) on lid *...