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  1. freaksinunif0rm

    Rosey pink lipcolors

    Hi! Could anyone reccommend any rosey pink lip colors (reddish pinkish...)? Preferably in a matte (but not chalky) or satin finish. Thanks!
  2. freaksinunif0rm

    I'm not at Senior Prom FOTD

    So... I decided to clean my brushes and suddenly had the urge to play with my makeup. Whoops...I ended up using my fingers and a face brush I didn't wash (in other words, very plain but easy look XD). Face: Random foundation Breath of Plum Blush Honour Blush Eyes: Waterproof Loreal...
  3. freaksinunif0rm

    Blot Powder or Blot Tissues?

    I've decided to wear less makeup since it's getting hotter and I don't need anything melting off of my face XD... Anyway, I heard that Mac's blot powder is really really good....but does it get all cakey if you over apply? And does anyone find that it's better than oil blotting papers? Thankies!
  4. freaksinunif0rm

    blush,a must-have?

    I tend to wear full makeup so I love love love blush! I like max factor blushes (plumberry!). Mac blushes are pretty, too...though I haven't found the one "for me" yet :[
  5. freaksinunif0rm


    Oh man! I've never gotten a chance to show off my new tattoo! It's been a few weeks now, so it's healed. It's a swallow in purple leopard print. I think I'm going to get more leopard print (and get some spots filled in) when I actually turn 18.
  6. freaksinunif0rm

    Concealer to match foundation?

    Or skin? I have the medium concealer pallete...personally, I don't really like it because it doesn't conceal what I want and dries my skin out terribly. I'm thinking of purchasing the select moisturecover concealer the next time I go to the counter. Should I get a color that matches my skin...
  7. freaksinunif0rm

    Fantastic Plastic CCB

    I just came back from the Gilroy CCO. There were a ton of ccb's but fantastic plastic looked gorgeous... Now that I've bought it, the only thing I could think of applying it to is my lip! Any other good usages? Thanks!
  8. freaksinunif0rm


    Weee! Played with my eye makeup today. You can't really see it though. And chopped more of my hair off last night! ...and you can't really see that either. Oh well! :] and the random part No clue what my friends are doing.
  9. freaksinunif0rm


    I'm looking to find some glitter (eye safe, of course :])! Any good recs for stores that sell some? Twanks!
  10. freaksinunif0rm


    I just bought MAC's blush in Prism yesterday.... anywho, when I got home and put it on, it looked kind of funny :\. Anyone have any ideas on how and where to apply it (I know it can be for contouring...but if I use it as a blusher, should I put it on my cheekbones only?). I have a...
  11. freaksinunif0rm

    DIY Hair! (what do you think -cough?)

    Soo...I've been cutting my hair for the past week XD (I'm long due for one...I used to do it a few times a week). Yep, I use HUGE orange fiskars scissors! Here's my mullet/side bangs: and...
  12. freaksinunif0rm

    Colorful soft kohl pencils?

    Hi! I'm on the search for colorful eyepencils! I know Hot Topic has some nice colors...but they're so hard to apply :[. Any suggestions? Preferably something not too expensive (forking out twenty dollars on something you're gonna use once in a while isn't very fun). Twanks!
  13. freaksinunif0rm


    Hi! I'm looking for a blush color that is pinky plummy...that would enhance my cheekbones while giving it enough color (not too pink, not too plum, but there). Does anyone have some reccs? Right now, I mix some plum color from revlon (I believe) and pink swoon... Twanks.
  14. freaksinunif0rm

    Hair Ideas?!!

    I used to constantly cut my hair (whenever I felt like it) but wanted to grow it out so I could do lovely pin curls (without looking like a puffball) and pomps. So, now I can do pomps and curls! But when I don't, my hair looks yucky... Here's a picture of me with a pomp...
  15. freaksinunif0rm

    Pale Foundation

    I love the porcelain doll look (umm...people tell me I look like one even though I'm far from porcelain...) and I've tried many many pale foundations. However, none seem to make me look much lighter than I actually am (NC 30-ish). Sooo...I was wondering if anyone could recommend a foundation...
  16. freaksinunif0rm


    I'm so happy! XD I had a few bucks and Lancome was having this gift set thing that was free if you bought $26.50... and it was absolutely gorgeous! So I bought two lip glosses and got a bag of my choice (pink, pretty!!!) filled with lancome goodies. Seriously, the samples and bag are worth...
  17. freaksinunif0rm

    Paints and a question :\

    Grrrr!!! I recently bought Bare Canvas paint to use as a base (I used to use concealer as a base). I love the texture to death but it creases like mad! I don't get it... Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just weird? Oh, my question...ummmm. What's a good base to use, aside from...
  18. freaksinunif0rm

    Pomps, pomps, and...quiffs?

    Hello! This is a tutorial for my pomp: Edit: This is a better picture. However, in this tutorial, the pomp is smaller compared to my other pomps (or would it be a quiff?), cause it's kind of hard taking pictures while putting your hair up (hairspray dries!). 1. Gather your tools...
  19. freaksinunif0rm

    My "hello, I've got no lipstick on but my hair's up" FOTD

    Hi!!! It's 6 in the morning and school starts late today (finals :[). Anywho, out of boredom, I took some pics. Real boring, but I love my hair XD. Please ignore the zit in the middle of my head. :\ Um...what did I use to make this plain look? Eyebrows: Brunette Brow Finisher...
  20. freaksinunif0rm


    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could recommend some shadows to use in the crease...I tend to use shadowy lady, but would like to try some other colors (preferably not something as dark as carbon because i'm horrible with the crease). Thanks!