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  1. KristenLeeD

    MAC Brazil ??

    Hi !! Is there anyone on Specktra living in Brazil ?? i'm very interested in MAC / Victoria "Vic" Ceridono's soon to be released lipstick !! Was wondering if someone might be willing to help a girl out ?? (Edit: I think I should have been more clear.... i mean for me to PAY for the purchase...
  2. KristenLeeD

    MAC Kiesza (February 9, 2017)

    HI !! I'm going to start being more active with this community, I hope everyone likes the photos, at least finds them helpful. Additionally, I personally love both the lipstick and the lip gloss. I think I will reorder both. (PS. no foundation, just natural skin)
  3. KristenLeeD

    What's your last MAC purchase?

    These Beautiful Lippies are ALL mine !! And bought the Mystery Powder !!
  4. KristenLeeD

    MAC Lippies in Cashmere (color)??

    Hello everyone, With all the talk lately about "Cashmere" i was wondering what everyone's favorite Cashmere (color) looking MAC lippy is ?? I would really appreciate Your suggestions / opinions. I'm interested in both a matte lip and frost, glaze, lustre or satin finishes. I'd really...
  5. KristenLeeD

    Manufacture ??

    Hello everyone, I've become very curious about who makes the actual product for MAC (Estee Lauder and Clinique, Prescriptives, Stila, and Aramis). Does anyone know the who and where? (and are different products made in different places by different companies, or is a "all under one...
  6. KristenLeeD

    Sincerely Sorry

    i think i should have done this eariler, and that is properly introduce myself. It is a real honor and pleasure to be a part of Specktra. So, i'm 39 y.o. and living in "somewhat sunny" san diego. i'm a full time MAC addict since the very first time a gf let me borrow her studio fix powder...