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  1. Lolita

    Holiday Pigment set preview?

    uhmmm hellooo LJ!? (hopefully this link works) I'm praying that this is actually the upcoming holiday set! I dont own any of those colors and I already wanted them all. Plus theres no useless glitters! hooray!
  2. Lolita

    MAC for Luella ***Photos***

    If anybody has any CP connections in the UK, these will be available at Harvey Nichols stores in late july/early august -- According to the MA my friend spoke to in Birmingham. She knew of them, but no details, as she said she didnt have update for another week or so. I'll be calling (rather, my...
  3. Lolita

    indentify this palette!

    hey mac experts. I stumbled across this on MUA and I have no idea what it is Anybody know what this is? its not the coral holidazzle, cool printout, or jewel palette (those are the only ones I can think of with blue in them). She calls it...
  4. Lolita

    RAVES for Clinique Color rub!! Gives me Mandy Moore Cheeks!

    what exactly is that? a really sheer cheek stain or something?