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  1. panda0410

    Aussie political upheaval....

    This man has done so much for this country, I'm just gutted Opinions on our new PM? I'll be honest and tell you I'm not a fan of Julia Gillard, the backbench pulled an underhanded manoeuvre and AFAIC it was political suicide for the labour party. Tony Abbot is an idiot, and I am unsure about...
  2. panda0410

    Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose

    Another newie on the block this year.... it interestingly has no rose notes at all the bottle is rather pretty, looks like a cross of her Black Star bottle and a TM Angel bottle, but with purple juice. I love Black Star so I'm interested in trying this one too
  3. panda0410

    Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling

    Set be released in June by EA as an EDT in a Lollipop shaped flacon.... Is it just me or does this sound scary? LOLOL, I like all of Mariahs perfumes to date - Luscious Pink is the one I like the least, but I still own it, like it, and use it. This one sounds like something targeted at the...
  4. panda0410

    Newcastle FINALLY gets a MAC counter!

    Well ladies, heard it on the grapevine, Newcastle Djs at Kotara is **finally** getting a MAC counter!!! s'bout bloody time So now I can go and browse and see in person too!! Djs is undergoing major reno's atm, a new counter is going on the 2nd floor, where the NP counter used to be. I went and...
  5. panda0410

    Avril Lavigne Black Star

    Thoughts anyone?
  6. panda0410

    Mariah Carey Forever

    Anyone else got this? I picked this up yesterday and I freaking LOVE it!!! This has to be one of the nicest scents I've had in a few years The gardenia and tuberose in the heart of this perfume is the selling point, really beautiful for anyone who likes white florals that are a little fruity...
  7. panda0410

    Replacement for Black Tied??

    I freaking HATE this shadow.... but its the only frosted black that MAC currently has. What I am REALLY wishing for is a VP version or a SF version of black I dont have Suspicion or Nighttrain, and I'm not convinced that either of them will what i'm looking for anyway, I want something softer...
  8. panda0410

    Fake Monogram

    Its Monograms turn...LOL Quite a few of these on AU ebay so beware! LIP GLOSS .BEAUTIFUL SHINE - eBay, Lip Gloss, Makeup, Beauty, Health. (end time 19-Jul-09 11:03:20 AEST)
  9. panda0410

    Lavender Blush?

    Ok, so I am on a lavender kick! I got my LW, my Ever So Rich and have been digging through my piggies and e/s as well I have come to realise that I dont own a lavender blush and I think I want one! Any recs??
  10. panda0410

    Better fake dazzleglass?

    The box is better but the sticker is still off ~ Mac Dazzleglass lipgloss New in Box - eBay (item 170307824210 end time Mar-09-09 16:48:26 PDT)
  11. panda0410

    Help me find colour matching company?

    A little while ago someone posted a link to a company that will match lipstick colours from old favourites or dcds - does anyone know which one it was? I have searched for another Miss Ross in VAIN and I cannot find one anywhere, mine is almost gone and i dont like the other "supposed" dupes...
  12. panda0410

    More counterfiet "lots" on AU ebay...

    Dont be fooled folks, these are definitely fake!! AU EBAY FAKES And heres another... I know this one has been posted before, but she has it listed as "Barbie" item this time Barbie Shimmer And some Heatherette too... dont be fooled by this! This is one of about half a dozen colours in...
  13. panda0410

    NARS Oasis Dupe?

    Oasis is my all time favourite Nars blush... I will get another but in the meantime are there any suitable MAC dupes for it? Perm or LE is fine
  14. panda0410

    More Fake Heatherette

    MAC heatherette powder blush #no.02 full size BNIB - eBay (item 260319354182 end time Nov-25-08 19:43:37 PST) Yuk.....
  15. panda0410

    Quick Q on depotting...

    Do depotted Blushes and BP blushes fit into MAC blush palettes? TIA
  16. panda0410

    Mothbrown Dupe??

    I have Mothbrown from BLM release, but I own very few e/s and generally only use pigments ~ my knowledge on pan e/s is pretty dim.... I am after the closest possible dupe I can find - suggestions please?? I am also after a Springtime Skipper dupe and a suitable dupe for Crest The Wave from...
  17. panda0410

    Counterfeit Pigment Guide on Ebay - FOR SALE

    LOL, as it says - for sale people! Actually i think she has done a lot of research - its not all accurate, but its pretty close heres the link How to check REAL MAC PIGMENT and FAKE MAC PIGMENT - eBay (item 290253012771 end time Aug-20-08 05:39:45 PDT)
  18. panda0410

    Ahoy, There Vs Ahoy, There

    I got two - both are clearly different colours. Both are pretty, but I wouldnt have bothered with a back-up if I had known it wouldnt be the same colour!!
  19. panda0410

    FAKE Your Ladyship

    Picture says it all people..... buyer beware! Your Ladyship
  20. panda0410

    3 month collaborative haul!!

    My hauls come in for them to arrive nearly kills me at times So here it is - 3 months of collaborative hauling!!! Now because I have some of the best friends on the planet some of these were gifts from these gorgeous girls, and ladies you know I love you!!! here tis -...