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  1. likeomgsteffduh

    My first FOTD...Ohemgeeeee!

    this picture is actually kinda, a few months old. But I've been wanted to post my uh, "artwork" here for a while but I've been too shy (and okay, LAZY) to post one. Hmmm. Dont pay attenion to my ungroomed eyebrow and the lazy blending job... EDIT: I forgot to tell you what I used...
  2. likeomgsteffduh

    MAC Eyelash curler???

    Yesterday I went to the MAC counter and I bought an eyelash curler (my Sephora one broke!) the insert that comes with the eyelash curler says to keep it in the original packaging when you carry it around, but I was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas of what I can carry my eyelash...
  3. likeomgsteffduh

    Did they raise the price for She-Laq?

    I was wondering if Benefit had a price raise on their laquering prodcut, She-Laq...last time I bought some it was $25, I checked on the Sephora website, and it says its $28! ....thank god it lasts a long time She-Laq= My summertime secret weapon.
  4. likeomgsteffduh

    Can somebody help me with this hairstyle?

    Does anybody think they can give me advice on how to style my hair like this??? It would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS!<3
  5. likeomgsteffduh


    Yes, I'm a noob. My name is Steff and you know what? I found this website looking for music by RuPaul! Isn't that weird!? Anyways, I'm super obsessed with makeup, but I'm going to be honest, I really suck at it, and I've been told it's either too much, or the colors I use on my eyes dont match...