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  1. mosha010

    The Makeup Show NYC 2014. Overview and haul!

    I went to the first day (Sunday) of the Makeup Show on NYC 5/4/14 (happy Star Wars day btw). I had no expectations and purposely did not look up previous experiences from bloggers etc. The Makeup show is catered to the industry pros and everything in there is either focused on the pro needs of...
  2. mosha010

    Lime Crime lipstick swatches

    These are dif swatches on dif lightings. Lippies in order from left to right are: Cosmopop Geradium Airborne unicorn Chinchilla Babette Coquette Great pink planet Contessa fluorescent
  3. mosha010

    Anastasia Contour Kit swatches!

    So I get the funny request from a friend of mine to help her learn how to contour her face with the Anastasia Contour Palette.. And I say funny because, not that I'm against contouring; but I don't think everyone needs it... And after one to many failed attempts, I do not super contour my...
  4. mosha010

    Ultimate IMaTs NY ticket giveaway!!! BE MY GUeST!!!

    No it's not an Aprils fools. Only take responsibility for the aquatic collection one. Which was way too easy. So, I won the official Imats education giveaway, it's tickets to IMATS NYC. Both days. Yes I'm going DUh lol. But I get to take a guest with me!!!! It doesn't have to be same...
  5. mosha010

    The Makeup show NYC May 4-5

    Just got my ticket. Going on Sunday and hitting several of the extra classes. Anyone else thinking of going? Mini Specktra meet up!!!
  6. mosha010

    Dark and sun spots product?

    Anyone has any tips (both organic and brand name ideas I'm willing to try..) for dark spots..!? Bf had a tubing (yup tubing) accident recently and had a red scar on his face that turned dark with the sun... So he's having an epi of "I don't want to freak out but I now look like a pirate which...
  7. mosha010

    Rant and rave on sellers on IG

    Serves me right!!!!!! I'll say it again: serves me the F right. Never bought anything thru IG sellers. Always stay true to my usual sellers here in Specktra. eBay I don't do on makeup out of sheer decency because I rather not support the hoarder scalper evilbayers... But IG I thought it was...
  8. mosha010

    IMATS NYC 2014 April 11-13th

    Tickets $55 for one day, $75 for both. Access on Friday if you're pro. Who's in?
  9. mosha010

    Special effects makeup

    So I'm wondering who here specializes in special effects makeup... I've been dabbling in this for a quite a few years. Years where, amongst friends, I'm the usual "gore specialist" come Halloween or the occasional zombie walk, sometimes not even that. Last week I went to drinks as a gored up...
  10. mosha010


    My fiancé built this rack for me. So basically nail polishes organized by color. On the upper right small shelves are my lip Tars and my markers (paint markers) Second shelf is more nail stuff still. First big shelf are my lip and eye liners, large bottles of stuff I use frequently: Mac fix +...
  11. mosha010

    Going away.. What makeup to pack