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  1. Copperhead

    MUFE HD Cream Blush

    Looks like a relatively new product. A few of them look really pretty. Has anyone seen these up close? Is it a cream? Is it a powder? Quote: What it is: An ultrablendable blush with a natural look and finish made specifically for HD technology. What it does: Formulated with the...
  2. Copperhead

    Your favorite quick GO TO eye makeup look....

    I went back 5 pages looking for a thread like this one but didn't see one so I figured I'd create one..... When you don't have much time to think about it what are your favorite go to eye makeup looks? As of recently it's been MAC's Naked Pigment on the lid and Swiss Chocolate e/s in...
  3. Copperhead

    Sephora's Contour Eye Pencil 12Hr Wear Waterproof

    Anyone here have any of these pencils? The reviews seem to be really good. I googled and came up with a few reviews and swatches. They seem to be really nice. I just ordered the pretty blue one called My Boyfriend's Jeans. There are a few of them I'd like to try if I find the quality is nice...
  4. Copperhead

    Spotting fake MAC Lipsticks and Lipglasses

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  5. Copperhead

    MAC Collections April-July 2013

    Any of you lovely WOC's have wish lists from these collections? In Extra Dimension Haley Williams Baking Beauties Nudes and Metallics RiRi Temperature Rising All About Orange Doublelux Shadow Art of the Eye Tropical Taboo That's 10 collections in 3...
  6. Copperhead

    Wet n Wild 2012 Holiday

    Has anyone seen any WnW holiday items yet? These are the e/s palettes but there will probably be Holiday sets too. Why does...
  7. Copperhead

    Favorite BSS beauty/makeup items

    Do you ladies have any beauty supply store faves? Eyelashes? Lipsticks? Powders? I went into the bss today and ended up looking at some of the makeup items. I ended up buying an NYX lip pencil in Prune and 2 Nicka K lipsticks in Beach Fuchsia and Lavender Tint. The pencil was $1.99 and the...
  8. Copperhead

    Makeup of Love & Hip Hop ATL I really like the makeup on this show. I've particularly liked K Michelle's makeup on the show. And Ariane is solidifying my want (actually my NEED) for OCC's Belladonna lip tar. Also, it's cool...
  9. Copperhead

    Urban Decay Holiday 2012
  10. Copperhead

    Whitney Houston is DEAD!

    OMG! I know she's had her struggle but I am in shock. I hadn't been hearing about or seeing her so I didn't know if she was doing good or bad but I am totally sad to hear this. R.I.P. Whitney. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music's queen until her majestic...
  11. Copperhead

    Etta James has died at age 73 R.I.P.
  12. Copperhead

    Black Radiance 8-Eyeshadow Palettes

    Has anyone seen these? They look a lot like WnW's 8 palettes. I don't know if the payoff is similar or not but I thought they looked interesting. I hope this blogger don't mind me using her swatches.
  13. Copperhead

    Spring Lips?

    What lip looks do you ladies plan on wearing this spring? I'm always a fan of nude but this spring I think I want to do more pinks, mauves/purples/lavenders. I was watching this youtube vid yesterday of tialuv29 discussing spring lips and she has some that I wouldn't mind trying...
  14. Copperhead

    Natalie Portman's Black Swan look

    In case anyone is curious as to what Portman is wearing in this movie, it is listed in this article.
  15. Copperhead

    Letoya Luckett's lipstick on her new video

    Letoya is wearing this really cool looking purple lipstick on her new video Regret. Any ideas on how to get this look? I'm just about her skin tone. MAC NC50/MUFE HD #177.
  16. Copperhead

    New to

    Hello all! I've been lurking on Specktra for quite some time. I'm a MAC lover and I see there are lots of MAC lovers here as well. I'm a longtime MAC user. I think I got my first MAC product about 12 years ago. I wear MAC NC50-55. Black hair and dark brown eyes. I've finally decided to register...