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  1. Ericita

    Which lip liner for Sweetie lipstick?

    What is the most accurate lip liner to match Sweetie lipstick? Thanks in advance
  2. Ericita

    Incomplete select-avatar page!

    This might be a silly question, my problem is that I see the select-avatar page ¿cut?! I made a print image of what I get once I enter the page to select the avatar. As you will notice, I get to see just a little of the avatars on the right row... Furthermore it says it has 105 avatars to choose...
  3. Ericita

    Is waterproof mascara really harmful for lashes?

    I have long but really straight lashes. My eyes are big but they look smaller as my lashes tend to "hide" the upper part. So curling my lashes and wearing mascara REALLY helps my face A LOT. I look really awake by just curling them. The problem is... I usually curl my lashes, then put...
  4. Ericita

    A question about pigments in charm size

    I posted this the other day and it never appeared so I think I put it on the wrong forum, not sure if this goes here either, hope it does and I'm sorry if not (I'm a newbie). I bought the curiositease set of charm size pigments and I love them so much that I'd like to know how often does MAC...
  5. Ericita

    Please help me! I can't stop my e/s from creasing!

    I'm so sad. I've bought some MAC e/s and though the colors are SO pretty, they crease a lot on me! (is that how you call when the e/s goes to a "line" where the eyelid folds?) I tried wearing a paint under it (bare canvas), but they still crease very fast: in 2 hours you can notice it has...