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  1. MrsRjizzle

    Urban Decay lovers in San Francisco Area...

    URBAN DECAY & BETSEY JOHNSON are having a fall preview collection party on July 22nd @ Beauty Bar in San Francisco! There will be raffle baskets with Urban Decay and Betsey Johnson Merchandise giveaways! Its Free to get in! This sounds like so much fun to me! See flyer below and heres the...
  2. MrsRjizzle

    Lorac Swatches Here!

    Lorac Color me Couture Palette. (love ) Colors are enlighten, Style, Luxe, Jade and Designer Lorac Pink Python Palette colors are for search purpose enlighten, moonstone, Bronze, Southbeach and Desire Blush Lorac Snake Charmer Palette Enchanted Ivory, Mystical Gold, Charming...
  3. MrsRjizzle

    Revlon Matte Collection?

    I am a total Matte (eyeshadow) Fan, I saw this Revlon Matte collection in Walgreens today and was really intriqued. I havent really used any drugstore makeup so I am curious about the payoff of these colors. Have any of you lovlies tried it??? Any info is appreicated!!!
  4. MrsRjizzle

    All Milani Products.... Shadows, etc

    Here are some of the Milani wet to dry Shadows Shamrock, leaf green, lily white, blue lagoon, girls luv pink, royalty, beach sand, black out
  5. MrsRjizzle

    All Laura Geller Swatches

    On nw15 Skin with painterly paintpot Laura geller Eyeshadows in Smoke Duo, Carmel Latte Duo and Unearthed
  6. MrsRjizzle

    Too Faced Swatches. All Products!

    I can never find too faced swatches so I deceided to make some!!! all on painterly paint pot The products listed are above. Listed in no certain order. listed for search purposes Mess in a dress, temper temper vixen jealous dirtbag. Galaxy Glam shadows in Moon Beam Shoorting Star, Amber...
  7. MrsRjizzle

    Unwanted Flirtation in MY workplace!!!!

    My issue.... I work in an office without customers. I sit in the reception area on my floor. There is this guy who works for one of the vendors that comes into my job to deliver stuff almost daily. He use to just stop an talk for a minute. The next time he will talk longer. For the past few...
  8. MrsRjizzle

    CELEBRITY Make-up you HATE???

    What look do you hate in makeup? Or whose look needs some help? For me it is Linda and Brooke Hogan. More so Linda. Her black black eyeshadow- all day everyday! I couldnt even look at her when watching the show! You would think that since shes a celebrity, someone would try and help her out...
  9. MrsRjizzle

    Skincare Help! Acne or a Breakout?

    I have never really broken out before. I will get a zit every now and again. in the same places on the my face, chin or nose etc. otherwise my skin is pretty much perfect. I do have combination skin. oily in the t zone. I havent changed my makeup, I havent changed my skincare routine. But...
  10. MrsRjizzle

    My " Nothing But Minerals" Haul! Yeeeeeeee

    I got Msfs: Petticoat, So Ceylon, and Soft and Gentle MES: Outspoken, Heat Element, illusionary/burning ambition, Family Silver, Brightside/gallery gal Blush: Love Thang! There all soooooo pretty!!! Sara
  11. MrsRjizzle

    "Red She Said" Haul.... From the Pre Launch Party.

    This is all I got! This was all I wanted believe it or not! I trully love the shadows though and Im NOT a huge fan of the mineral ones. The red is so intense. (when worn with a mixing medium) I wore it today and put the "red she said" lipstick on... I immediatly took it off and replaced it...
  12. MrsRjizzle

    Too Faced and NYX Haul (New Train Case included)

    Ok So I am pretty much a snob when it comes to drug store products. But I do really like alot of the nyx stuff. The pigmentation is really great! So here are the pics from my NYX and Too faced order. Look at my beautiful case! I got it on nyx website. This is the medium size case. it is so nice...
  13. MrsRjizzle

    Lil Make Up Forever Haul!

    so from Make up Forever I got.... (sorry about quality pic from my phone) Extreme Cleanser All Mat Base Lash Fibers Aqua Eyes in White and Navy ( gotta compare these with the UD 24/7 pencils) I also got the MUFE kabuki! it is soooo nice. the bristles feel similer to too faced teddy bear hair...
  14. MrsRjizzle

    Another Spiced Chocolate Photo!

    Eyes Paint: Bamboom on Crease and Flamable on lid I used the spice chocolate quad, and shroom Blacktrack fluidline UD 24/7 pencil in zero Dior show Mascara Face: Estee Lauder Liquid Bronzer and sweet william blushcreme Studio Fix liquid Light Medium MSF Lips: Urban Decay 24/7 in GASH and...
  15. MrsRjizzle

    My Urban Decay Friends and Family haul! Lip lovers!

    So I got 8 lipsticks and 4 liners! I love everything. I have noticed on MUA that these lipsticks werent getting the best reviews. But I love them! They make my lips feel so moisturized and the liners stay forever! I will be loving these long time! haha UD 24/7 Lip Liners in:GASH, HEAVY, WICKED...
  16. MrsRjizzle

    MY COC Makeover! Tempting Quad...

    Hi friends here are some photos of my COC makeover. From A couple weeks ago when I went to see my MA JILL at the MAC store in Concord! I love her! I loooooove Cult of cherry! I am having so much fun with all of it! I think I have bought almost everything! Except Bing! you should have seen a...
  17. MrsRjizzle

    Going to MAC Pro in San Francisco

    I have never been and I am so excited to check it out! I made an atempt to go once before. Hit 5 Mac counters while in the city but never found my way to the Pro store. But I am going to find it on saterday FOR SURE!!!! My husband is coming too so i could check it out! How sweet is that Hes...
  18. MrsRjizzle

    Ben Nye Swatches

    Moderator note: Ben Nye swatch pictures only. NO CHATTER POSTS ALLOWED IN THE SWATCH FORUM! These swatches are for the Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powders (same as whats in the palette just in a powder form. no base on NW15 Skin. The colors below are: Cosmic Blue, Azalea, Tangerine, Sun...
  19. MrsRjizzle

    My Electroflash and Sonic Chic Haul!

    Clickable thumbnails! E/s: Sea and Sky, Fresh Green Mix AND Hot Contrast Blushes: Love Thang, Pleasantry, Danity, Gentle, Warm Soul There so pretty!