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  1. XxTinker_BellxX

    Im so hungryyyy.....

    Hmm.. i dunno why my pics looks so "emo". I was being goofy in um Lets see howo long this m/u lasts... my allergies have been HELL lately. wow... i jus notice im a different color in each picture.. lmao!!
  2. XxTinker_BellxX

    So... i ate a sundae...

    This is from today... AFTER i came home from running errands hahahaha. Why do i do this? I Fuckin love this violet pigment!!!!! WOAH!! Oh yeah.. excuse my hair. forgot to mention i took it down lmao!
  3. XxTinker_BellxX

    when bored.... put on makeup:)

    Bored so i put makeup on at like 2+ in the morning.... and then......went to sleep Funky Faces, WOOHOO!
  4. XxTinker_BellxX

    Third MAc haul is like two weeks... oh man!!!

    Pigments: Golden Lemon Fuchsia Violet Pink Bronze liquid last liner: Aqualine and... a Palette! i wanted some of the pigments from she shines, but the Ma told me they werent out yet when she asked where i saw them at and i told her the website... she looked at me like i was insane...
  5. XxTinker_BellxX

    HOLY CRAPOIDS... im so lame!

    Although im sure no one will care.. im too damn excited to keep it to myself. So i decided to share with all you specktra-ettes!! IM GOIN TO MUTHA FUCKIN FLORIDA!!!!!!!CHEA!!!!!!:hump: Whew! Glad i got that off my chest!!! well not only am i excited that i get to see my sexy mama-jama Diana...
  6. XxTinker_BellxX

    everyone else did.. so i can too;) FOTD

    This is my prom look. Yeah ... it was like 2 yrs ago, but i saw everyone else post their's and was i like, maaaaaaaaan. Hahah i went for... as natural as possible? p.s. im the one on the left, lmao!
  7. XxTinker_BellxX

    help me out guys:)

    I meant to ask this ahead of time, but ..... i was wondering if anyone had tips on putting on the liquid last liners.... I have green play. Im pretty ok at liquid liners .... but with these it just seems so much harder. The problem is MY LASHES. I have some pretty long lashes and well... they...
  8. XxTinker_BellxX

    greens and naturals.

    Ill give inspriation credit to... Alexa, i believe. Not the best pictures, i really need to practice my camera skills!! ^^^hahah, i look like a fucktard and my eyebrows arent far behind:P
  9. XxTinker_BellxX

    Muh Skittles face....

    Excuse the hair and well everything but my eyes lmao.... por favor. This was a.... its nighttime and im feelin frisky for my MU kinda thing just bought a paint to use as a base, yesterday.. so sorry the color seems so bleh!!!
  10. XxTinker_BellxX

    Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny MAC collection:)

    Ok ok ... laugh all you want guys!!! Hahah i just started out not to long ago... and im so proud of it lol. Im excited to keep on collectin... man this stuff takes some money lol... dunno how you all do it e/s: Shimmermoss Beautiful Iris Swish Chrome Yellow Liesuretime ( Swimming Freshwater...
  11. XxTinker_BellxX

    Im so excited... whatta nerd!!!!

    I went to the mall yesterday (only a cunter ) and got the2 brushes, 1 fluidline, the paint and the liquidlast liner (technically, my bestest friend in the uinverse Jonathan got them for me)... went back today and got the rest (me n my momma halfed it)<~~~ this rarely happens guys, i SWEAR...
  12. XxTinker_BellxX

    retard question!

    OKay Ladies (and gents ) this is, im sure, a question only a reject like me would ask but... Are they and do they and if so when will they.... re-release MSF? I hear so much shit about them.,, and i wannnnnnaaaaaa play too!!!!!! i know they have um on ebay.. but i dunno... i rather buy them...
  13. XxTinker_BellxX

    OK.. need your opinions.. pa-lease!?

    Ok i was explaining to my bestest koolest friend in the universe jonathan about the 187 and...... HE CALLED ME AND SAID to get it and two piggies and its all on him HOLY CRAPOIDS!!!!! Ok... but. Im a simpler girl..... i dont wear foundation/concealer or a powder on a daily bases but blush and...
  14. XxTinker_BellxX

    old fotd:)

    Old old old old pic.
  15. XxTinker_BellxX

    Boy George rock muh socks!*huge pics*

    i was goofing off but the light was really low (using a lamp cuz my room light is f u c k e d ) so excuse the unshapley-ness of the yellow. Other than that bold and chunky is what i wantedits my "i love the 80's!!!" look hahah
  16. XxTinker_BellxX

    Eotd. Nothin fancy:)

    i took this a while back but now I can use my laptop to download pics ... so WOOHOO!!!!! All the other ones looked like shit.... crop crop crop
  17. XxTinker_BellxX

    Glitter Liquid Liners

    Dont know if this is the place for this post, but does anyone else seem to have the same problem with their MAC glitter liquid liners? ( i know old topic but i havent been on in a while) I bought peacocky and its...... flakey. Does anyone else seem to experiencethis too?
  18. XxTinker_BellxX

    Fotd.... kinda sorta..... a little?

    I saw a picture that reminded me of this look. YOu can kinda see my eyes but the picture wasnt intentionally taken for my make up Sorry guys. Ill make up for it with one today. Well jus hope i have a way of downloading it from my camera... my laptop is retarded at the moment Hmm, damn why...
  19. XxTinker_BellxX

    Pigments.. help!

    Ok, ive never worked with pigments before... but i REALLY want to try them out. Im no sure which colors to get tho....... SO, this is where you guys come in!! Which pigments do you recommend, or well what are your favorites?
  20. XxTinker_BellxX

    Omg... Help!

    Ok last night i decide to be a big wacko and dye my hair blonde.. super super super blonde. Almost white. So i get this dye an decide to do it myself. Last time i paid someone to do it.. I ended up wit something TOTALLY different! So ... genius me i get the dye.. and i KNOW its gonna take a...